Pictures clicked with iPhone cameras are great; however, you can easily upgrade its features by adding a lens for stunning shots. There are numerous iPhone lens accessories available that can be attached to any iPhone model, which would further intensify your photography techniques. There are several lenses to suit your budget-from affordable adaptors to advanced lens kits with built-in sensors to provide high-quality images. We have picked up some of the best lenses for iPhone photography.

Extra-Ordinary iPhone Photography Lenses to Invest In

You can now choose the best iPhone lenses to take stunning pictures. Our ‘best iPhone lenses’ list has picks that offer staggering clarity!

1. Olloclip XS Max Clip

When it is about the best brands manufacturing lenses, Olloclip stands first. The Olloclip XS Max Clip has a super-wide lens with a 180-degree fisheye and 15x macro. This is an easy to use quality lens. It creates an array of lenses that mount on the Connect X Lens System clip, and it glides over the iPhone camera. However, these lenses are required to be changed manually.

List of best iPhone lenses for photography

2. Moment Tele Lens

This Moment Tele Lens is a telephoto lens of 60mm focal length. It delivers sharp quality images and gives a premium, substantial feel. The lens is quite heavy, but its feature of being wide is a great advantage that avoids distortion and vignette around the frame of the images. The mounting plate of the lens can be attached simply with an adhesive glue instead of a magnet, which can disturb the optical image stabilization. It is compatible with 25 iOs and Android devices. Another advantage of it is that the process of attachment does not require any specific phone case. The kit includes a microfiber lens bag. However, there is no lens cap provided with the kit.

List of best iPhone lenses for photography

3. ExoLens with Optics by Zeiss Wide-Angle

Zeiss is one of the prominent lens manufacturer companies. This wide-angle lens drops the iPhone camera to 18mm focal length, and the clarity of its images is excellent. The complete case is created with black anodized aluminum. However, the detachable lens is, no doubt, heavy. The lens is built with aspherical elements to avoid distortion and a coating to reduce reflections and enhance light transmission.

List of best iPhone lenses for photography

4. Olloclip Mobile Photography Box Set for iPhone X

This set is an all in one box that includes three vital lenses – a macro lens, super-wide lens, and fisheye lens, which mount on Connect X Lens System. This is an easy-to-use lens of premium quality, but you must learn about the iPhone X’s dual-camera, which uses portrait mode for capturing zoomed images. The only drawback of these lenses is that they are not compatible with flash and doesn’t work with phone cases.

List of best iPhone lenses for photography

5. Sony QX10

The focal length of the Sony QX10 lens is from 28 to 100mm. It is a 10x zoom lens with 2-3 inch CMOS and an 18.2 MP sensor. The quality of its movies is up to 1080p, and you can connect with WI-FI and NFC. This lens delivers excellent quality images and can be attached to the iPhone with an adaptor. The upgrade in image quality from the iPhone to the lens is observable as the 10x zoom delivers more extensive coverage than the iPhone lens. If you are looking for high quality and clear images with great coverage, then definitely go check out Sony QX10.

List of best iPhone lenses for photography

6. Nelomo Universal

The compatibility of this lens is comprehensive and is of essential quality. The Bellomo Universal kit includes three lenses – 15x macro lens, 0.65x super wide-angle lens, and a splendid 230-degree fisheye lens. The kit also includes a little case to store the clip and the three lenses. It also includes a carabiner that helps to attach it to a belt, making it handy and useful while traveling.

List of best iPhone lenses for photography

All of these lenses are picked based on the professionals’ opinion, online reviews, their unique features, and knowledge of recognized brands and are worth looking at. Enhance your iPhone cameras using these unique lenses and capture great shots.