Ralph Lauren

The PoloTech Shirt by Ralph Lauren is here as a replacement to those Fitbit bands. The tee is the combination of the fashion label’s unique aesthetic and real-time metrics that keeps track of your activities.

The Smart Shirt is embedded with a strip of silver-based sensors, which measures breathing, heart rate, steps, and the number of calories burnt during the workout. A black box transmitter is attached at the side of the shirt, which relays the data directly to your iOS device.

There are already fitness tracking wristbands that provide the above-mentioned features, but having a fitness wear that can replace those bands could be really a smart thing to do as you are going to wear the fitness wear anyway. Additionally, the PoloTech app provides workouts customized to the way your body is reacting. Your device can connect with the detachable black box via a Bluetooth.

Compared to other smart shirts, this one has a better design and cut that is approved by many fashion icons. It is a tee with crew neck, flattened seams, and a cut that makes it look more athletic. So you don’t need to look awful when you work out. The shirt is made of polyester, nylon and spandex. Yeah, you read it right – spandex, to increase elasticity. The sleeves and underarms have thinner mesh patches that make sure that spandex doesn’t get uncomfortable. The company mentioned that it is important to keep the sensors real close to the body so that the metrics that are measured and displayed on the app are accurate.

The Ralph Lauren shirt impeccably combines modern innovation with an iconic look that is distinctly Polo. The concept of the smart shirt is undeniably different, also, the shirt works as the advertisements states. Just as Nike’s Fuelband acted as a catalyst for the whole fitness tracker market, this fitness shirt may give a start to a whole new fitness trend.

The tech company is even planning to come up with other athletic clothes such as dresses, ties, and suits. Right now, the Ralph Lauren shirt is only available for men in sizes from small to extra-large for $295. But if it gets right, women’s shirts might be next.