Stress has become a part of everyday life, with hassling routines and busy life. With workloads, family life, and not getting their own time, stress becomes a toll on one’s life in the present-day world. As such, it is essential to tackle stress and reduce depression to maintain a calm life.

Today we bring to you technology gadgets, which will help to reduce stress and technology in a better way. From nature-inspired structures to electronic wizardry, these technological tools can bring on the calm back to the creative process of humans:

Fidget Cube

Fiddling with puzzles has proved to bring an efficient work ethic. The Fidget Cube, funded through Kickstarter in the year 2016, is a desk toy created by designers Matthew and Mark McLachlan. With six sides and every feature having something to fidget with, this is an interactive and creative calming tool. There is also a side that is inspired by the olden worry stones, which help in reducing anxiety.

BiorbAIR Terrarium

This is a greenery tech-heavy tool that creates a calm and relaxing work environment. One can use this tool to create the perfect micro-climate for growing tropical plants, and you can sit back and relax.


This wearable gadget tracks the heart rate and physical activities of a measure to evaluate the stress levels. The bracelet is aimed at ‘training the resilience to stress’ and has five Resonance breathing meditation sessions for overall focus and calm.

The Pip

Do you know you can bring a stress-free life with your fingertips? It turns out that the pores of the fingers are susceptible to stress. The Pip gadget reads the stress signals from the fingertips and converts them into visualization. This visual would help a person track stress levels.


The Thync wearable gadget uses electronic pulses to stimulate the brain. It alleviates the mood and reduces stress. The device is developed by the neuroscientist team from MIT, Harvard, and Stanford and has been clinically tested.


The wearable bracelet WellBe gives insights into the stress triggers of a person. It monitors the heart rate and uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine the stress and calmness levels. The tracking is done based on the time, location, and people a person meets throughout a day.

Face of the Moon Stress Ball

Japanese designer Makiko Yoshida creates this stress ball by a unique texture. The expressions of the ball change on squeezing and the addictive tendencies of it help to relieve the anxiety of a person.


This gadget measures the breathing and notifies a person when it detects tension. When it comes to managing stress levels, focus on breathing is most important. By using the gadget, one can discover stress triggers and what keeps one calm and centered, thus allowing them to be more productive.


Lousy posture often leads to stress and depression and body ache. Prana, a stress relief wearable, not only tracks breathing but also reminds a person when they need to improve the bodily posture. The gadget also activates the relaxation response of the body through proper diaphragmatic breathing and good posture, ensuring the person has a calm state of mind.


This can be worn on the head, as designed like a headband and uses brain-sensing technology to measure the calm or active state of mind. It detects the brain signals and translates those signals into guiding sounds to make the mind focused at work.

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