Working from home can be tedious and distracting. And in this pandemic situation, when the world is on lockdown and people are working from home, things get more complicated and tiresome. Many people during this time lose interest and focus on their work.

It is in such a time that the following gadgets come into use. The below-listed devices help in increasing productivity and make work-from-home an enjoyable and convenient experience:

Nest Thermostat

Everyone wants their workspace at home to be as comfortable as their office. For such a comfort, there is the Nest Thermostat, which learns the preferences of a person and adjusts accordingly. The gadget in stainless steel adapts to the heating and cooling preferences of a space in just a week of installation and can also create schedules.

Rocki Music System

For the workers whose productivity increases with music, then Rocki is the gadget for them. It effortlessly connects the smartphone to any speaker around, and one can listen to music and work. It is small enough to fit into the pocket easily.

Kevo Smart Lock

This gadget is a lock that connects to the smartphone of a person and allows them to unlock all doors effortlessly with their phone. It also easily integrates with the Nest thermostat to let the device know when the person arrives and departs each day to keep the space comfortable.

Amazon Echo

Echo is the personal assistant, standing nearby to provide news and information or even play music, all at a simple voice command.

Neat Desk Scanner

The Neat Desk Scanner is used to scan receipts, business cards, and documents and for efficiently storing them on the computer or upload them to the business servers.


For the people who often forget keys, wallets, and other essential things, they can use the Tile gadget. One can attach this to the small items like keys, wallets, or any other item, and you can track its location easily with an iOS or Android device.


Tired of the dust accumulating on the floors around your workspace and home? Don’t worry, Roomba is here. While you work away at your workspace, Roomba will take care of the dust, continually working to keep the floors clean.

Celle Chair

The key to productive working has a comfortable chair to work away. Celle Chair is just the perfect tool! It provides support and conforms to the size of the person to provide the help they need.

Brookstone Beverage Warmer

When you are into serious work, you don’t need to move again and again to the kitchen to freshen the cup of coffee. The Brookstone Beverage Warmer is an excellent gadget to keep the coffee cup warm throughout the day.

Desktop Air Filter

Keep the air inside the home purified and clean with the Desktop Air Filter. The tool removes up to 95% of airborne particles from the work area.

WalkStation Desk

Sitting all day long at the desk and working can be bad for health. The treadmill desk- WalkStation Desk, gives one the option to walk at a slow and comfortable pace while they work, thereby also burning calories.

Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard

This is a useful keyboard from Logitech, which is multi-device and can be used for PC, tablet, as well as the smartphone.

Belkin WeMo Switch

Won’t it be superb to get other work done while you work at your desk? The Belkin WeMo Switch handy switches would quickly turn any appliance or light into a smart device. You can quickly turn off the coffee pot, light, or view a netcam at the front door without even leaving the work desk.

HoMedics SoundSpa

Working from home means noise and sounds from inside and outside the home and neighborhood. This sound machine is perfect for drowning out the noise from the area and home to let you work in peace.

Alba Lightbulb

This light bulb adjusts the brightness according to your needs throughout the day. it also shuts off when you are away from the work desk.


Make green tea, coffee, or hot cocoa from your desk with the help of a smartphone using Wi-Fi connected iKettle. You can start your hot water from your desk, and it will be ready to use by the time you reach there.


Tired of seeing your windows dirty? Just use the WinBot! Attach the bot to the window and press start. It will automatically clean the windows. The device is excellent for homes that have large and high windows.

These gadgets are a great way to make work from home more productive and efficient. Make your house a better place to work. Even when a person is not working, the benefits of the appliances can be enjoyed at ease.