tech gift ideas

Tech gift ideas for christmas

If you are here, reading this post and haven’t still figured out what to gift your loved ones on Christmas, it’s high time now. For last minute Christmas gift ideas, you will require buying from some online or local store who can deliver the product instantly. Technowize will share with you some tech gift ideas that will help you pick a perfect gift for tech-lovers.

Tech gift ideas

Without further delay, I’ll directly start sourcing some tech gift ideas that would assist you to pick the best tech gifts for the remaining on your list.

1.Bellabeat Leaf

Bellabeat leaf tracker

If you are looking for a gift for a fitness tracker, this is the best you can get. This fitness tracker with the design of a leaf looks more like jewellery than a gadget. It does all the tasks that are done by a typical fitness tracker, including monitoring activities and sleep. It is available for $120 and you can get it from Bellabeat store. If you need it in really short period of time, you can also find it locally at Target and Best Buy.

2.Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer

polaroid zip instant printer

This is an amazing gift for anyone who loves to click and share pictures. Zip is a portable printer that will instantly print photos directly from the Smartphone. This printer provides high-resolution, frame-worthy photos. It is similar to the classic Polaroid. You can get it in $130 on any online store or a local store like Target.



NestCam is a good investment if you need to gift someone with a smart home experience. This is a Wi-Fi camera, which can monitor their home when they are away. It also includes a built-in speaker and microphone so they can keep a watch over their kids and tell them to do their homework from across the house.Additionally, it also has a cloud-connected recording feature that can record video of a home invasion and store it remotely, so that the evidence is accessible even if the camera is damaged or stolen. This smart home gadget comes in $199.

4.Kohler Moxie 1-Spray Showerhead

Kohler Moxie 1-Spray Showerhead

Searching a gift for a music-lover? This sleek showerhead will be great to allow them to carry a tune even when in the shower. This showerhead comes with a clip-on water resistant speaker that can sync with your Smartphone using Bluetooth and can wirelessly stream audio. They can even pop the speaker out of its magnetic holder whenever it needs a recharge or they can also take their music along wherever they go. This is one of the best tech gifts that can be bought in $101.

5.Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch

samsung gear s2

This high-tech wearable looks more like a watch than a gadget. This device comes in a circular design with a touchscreen, motion tracker, and can sync easily with most Android smartphones. It can also take voice commands when the phone is in purse or pocket. You can get it for $250 at Amazon or at local stores like Best Buy or Wal-Mart.

These are our tech gift ideas for your gadget-obsessed friends. What are you waiting for? Start buying already!