Are you looking for a Tech Round up 2022? Here it is! Presenting you the Tech Recap 2022 by Technowize. Here’s an attempt to look back at the year that was in tech. 

It’s basically a quick tour through the major highlights of the year that’s about to end. We strongly feel that it’s necessary to have a sum up of the year as we are about to make a fresh start with 2023. 

For, this will help us to understand the global tech ecosystem better and make us prepare with the analysis of the tech trends so that we can deal with the flow next year in a much more composed manner. Let’s start without much ado. 

Tech Recap 2022

From tech layoffs and crypto crashes to AI and metaverse – 2022 had it all. We also had some extremely significant chapters in the realm of gaming and auto. [Image Credit: Freepik]

Tech Round up 2022

The year has been quite eventful. From tech layoffs and crypto crashes to AI and metaverse – 2022 had it all. We also had some extremely significant chapters in the realm of gaming and auto. Let’s flip through the pages and  look back. 

STEAMing Hot

Valve’s handheld, portable gaming device, Steam Deck, was certainly one of the most important talking points of the gaming world this year. The ‘all-in-one portable PC gaming’ gear turned out to be an epoch-making step in the history of gaming as it happened to be the first of its kind to offer the taste of real PC gaming in a handheld device. 

When it comes to sales, it simply ran riot through the market, posing a stern challenge to its closest rival Nintendo Switch in the process. Interestingly, Valve allowed us to install Windows on Steam Deck. Even as we approach 2023, its dream bull run continues to stretch the boundaries and set new records. 

Kindling in Style 

This year, we witnessed another massive tech innovation in the form of the Kindle Scribe, which happens to be the first ever device in the much fancied Kindle lineup by Amazon, which allows you to write on it. In terms of overall performance and key features, it went on to surpass even the 2021 Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition.

Kindle Scribe is indeed a stuff that dreams are made of for any bibliophile. It’s quite handy for research scholars and students in general, too. For, with Kindle Scribe at your side, you can effortlessly take notes, mark your PDF files and write on your own docs. 

Tech Layoffs

The year was also marred by a series of tech layoffs. Especially, the Meta layoffs shook the entire tech industry. To the utter astonishment of everyone associated with the tech world and millions of users of the different Meta platforms, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, went on to lay off as many as 11, 000 employees. Shockingly, the figure amounts to almost 13% of Meta Inc.’s total workforce, globally.

It was not a standalone incident, as Twitter too conducted a massive layoff, which saw them reducing their overall human resource by around 50%, terminating the contracts of 7,500 employees including erstwhile CEO Parag Agarwal. To add to the woes of the Elon Musk-owned company, this incident was followed by a bizarre saga called the Twitter mass exodus

These were some of the important tech highlights of the year. We hope 2023 will be an even more eventful year for the world of tech. Take care. We will get back to you with more exciting tech stories. Happy New Year!