Smart gadgets are all about convenience and sustainable living. Goofy gadgets, crazy gadgets, well, they’ll ridiculous and crazy. According to Merriam Webster’s, goofy can be well regarded as a sense of humor for calling out silly, or acting mildly ludicrous.

Goofy Gadgets / Weird Gadgets are those quirkier gadget concepts, which are backed by bizarre commercials and pun-driven brands. These look and sound so ridiculous that you wouldn’t be willing to throw a single piece of gauntlet over the heck that it might be, but once you have a look at the features they provide us with, surely everyone’s forehead will pucker with wonder and amazement.

Let’s have a look at eight Crazy Gadgets / Goofy Gadgets of the year!

1. Wrist Band Battery – Crazy Gadgets

Wrist Band Battery

Wrist Band Battery

Wrist band battery is a rechargeable and portable 1500 mAh lithium ion battery, which you can directly strap on your wrist. This gadget ensures that none of your smart gadgets run out of juice when you need them the most. You can fit an entire army of gimmicks as the band unit arrives with separate nine connectors. It’s a gnarly, latest wearable gadget.

The greatest parts of trips are spending quality of time on the phone or playing handheld games, and lack of battery in such times is highly annoying. Recharge straps like wrist band charger are extremely helpful to portably charge any of your gadgets conveniently. This strap can easily power mp3 players, mobile phones, gaming devices, and many more having compatibility with mini USB. It is enough to charge many of your gadgets throughout the entire day. When you arrive at your destination, plug your wrist band for charging to have a long battery backup.

How much will it cost? : $24.99

Where to buy? : Online, not your neighborhood yard sale.

2. BitBite – Crazy Gadgets


BitBite, a wearable device to improve your eating habits.

We are so getting obsessed by weight control methods, diets, and what not. In our busy schedule, we always find some or the other gadget, which might provide us a shortcut way to keep a track of our weight and eating habits. Draw a blank on Weight Watchers, even though our favorite Oprah Winfrey might endorse the brand after buying shares of the company.


BitBite, a wearable device to improve your eating habits.

All you need to do is put BitBite in your ears while you start eating. It is an in-ear gadget that will keep your eating habits at a schedule. It will track everything about the food you are devouring, which means the quantity, number of times that item is being chewed, calorie count, bite count, and many more things. The app accompanying this gadget will log into your diet plan and will keep notifying you in your ear about the portions and quantity limit of the food being consumed. Because, when you eat slowly, chew your food more, and maintain a regular interval between your eating times it will improve your health and nutrition. Apparently, you will feel great and shed that extra flab from your body. It is a revolutionary gadget, which is meant to analyze, follow, and change your eating pattern.

How much will it cost? : $119 (Including Ear Piece Device, App, Charging Cable, and Kit)

Where to buy? : Online

3. Rufus Cuff – Crazy Gadgets

Rufus Cuff

Rufus Cuff, a wearable wrist communicator

The Rufus Cuff is a ‘Wrist Revolution’ as its makers quote it. It represents as a revolutionary take in the real estate world of wrist. Known to be a wrist communicator, it comes fully equipped with the front camera, voice and video calling features, syncs easily with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, which also includes Smart phones, Smart watches, and Nest thermostats. It allows users to text and control applications to perform various functions like playing music.

This cuff is way more than what we call being a high-tech. Surely, Rufus Cuff has every feature that might put disappointment pants up for Gear 2 and Apple watch users. It comes with a 3 inch screen and hosts an inbuilt microphone, a speaker, web browser, a camera, GPS, Google Play Store, and Voice control. It easily connects your phone with Bluetooth for internet, texts, and calls. It operates on Google’s phone OS.

How much will it cost? : Starts at $200

Where to buy? : Online

4. Wired In – Crazy Gadgets

wired in

Wired In, to eliminate everyday workplace distractions.

This is hard. While you are engaged in a busy schedule and someone keeps meddling in between, telling them to go away is tough. This gadget is perfect. While working, all you need to do is turn on this gadget and it will automatically deliver the message to people without bothering you. Wired In can be controlled via Bluetooth, and it is programmed with such efficiency that it automatically turns on if you are working over phone and computer applications like Slack or Outlook. One of the great features about Wired In is that you can customize your texts for the display screen. It arrives in a sleek base of aluminum with curved edges and an acrylic laser-etched sign that is replaceable. The sign on etched portion catches the light, so you are free to choose your own text or just signs according to your wish. So be nice or be rude, it’s totally up to you.

How much will it cost? : NA

Where to buy? : Available on Pre-order at Kick Starter

5. Nightmare Fuel Machine – Crazy Gadgets

Nightmare Fuel Machine

Nightmare Fuel Machine, a futuristic concept by Extrapolation Factory

The Night Fuel Machine is a fantasy goofy gadget envisaged by duo Elliott Montgomery and Chris Woebken. In their Extrapolation Factory, they design future products, which might exist in upcoming years. This gadget from their Pawn Tomorrow project will allow you to replace memories of your choice with terrible nightmares. It allows the user to pilfer good memory’s energy source. Will it be a brilliant source of energy or an atrocious machine? The decision is yours.

How much will it cost? : $35

Where to buy? : This is just a future concept by Extrapolation Factory

6. Beverage Cup Warmer/Cooler – Crazy Gadgets

Beverage Cup WarmerCooler

Beverage Cup Warmer/Cooler enjoy your beverage hot or cold as per your wishes

This USB-powered gadget arrives with a cooling and heating plate, which can chill or warm up your beverage while you are at work. This product reportedly increases the temperature of a beverage by almost 13 degrees and decreases by almost 7 degree Celsius within a span of ten minutes. Plug this device into the USB port of your computer and enjoy your beverage hot or cold as per your wishes. All you need to do is simply flip the device’s switch on the back of the Beverage Cooler/Warmer to shuffle between cooling and heating. The device looks rugged, yet stylish. Next time you wouldn’t have to bother about pouring yourself a cup of coffee while at work and forgetting it.

How much will it cost? : $19.99

Where to buy? : Online

Hot Pineapple juice and cold tea might taste like a disaster.

7. Oto-Tip – Crazy Gadgets


Oto-Tip, because traditional ear buds can be risky sometimes.

You need to clean your ears but you are tired of those ear buds? Oto-Tip is a gadget, which is handheld cleaner that is rechargeable. The traditional ear buds are risky sometimes, especially if you are too involved in your work. The gadget has a tiny wand, which comes with a mini brush that rotates and clean sweeps the ear wax out. A rubber stopper will automatically prevent the brush from sliding inside deeper. It is non-abrasive as it comes with flexible and soft tip, it is eco-friendly and safe as it involves no risk of puncturing your eardrums. Being engaged in work is good, but you shouldn’t be engaged in your work till the extent of popping your eardrums out.

How much will it cost? : $5.79

Where to buy? : Online

Sounds like Wet Willy, when someone licks their finger and put it in your ear as they twist their wet finger around! Ughh!

8. Sports ‘Fidget’ Games – Crazy Gadgets

Sports ‘Fidget’ Games

Sports ‘Fidget’ Games, an anti-boredom gadget.


No more mindlessly tapping your fingers over your desk. This gadget is basically a video game for computers. A USB- powered ball set controller will be provided in this gadget, which you can manipulate and move according to on-screen ball and collect points without any efforts instead of wiggling your fingers over the desk in boredom during break hours.

How much will it cost? : $22.50

Where to buy? : Online

I prefer twiddling my thumbs mindfully over the desk with this ball game.

Technology evolves, so does human needs. It is impossible to spend a second without using any gadget now-a-days. Like the necessity of air, which we breathe, technology and gadgets are as important for us humans. This entire human revolution revolves around gadgets, Goofy or not.