Apple has certainly taken the center stage recently following the Apple Watch 2 rumors. If recent reports are to be believed, the Cupertino giant has already strengthened its foothold in the market of wearables. The Apple Watch 2 is the upcoming piece from the behemoth in the wearables market to excite tech enthusiasts and Apple users.

Apple Watch 2 Preview

Image: Apple Watch 2 Concept

Apple Watch 2 Preview – What Makes The Watch Worth Anticipating?

Despite the lack of confirmation and official details from Apple, many believe that the upcoming watch from Apple is on its way. The rumored Apple Watch 2 features clearly make the watch an exciting deal for fans. As per the analysts and patents, Apple Watch 2 sports a perfect blend of design and innovation. With the release of the upcoming watch, the iOS giant will have a chip on its shoulder. It will certainly push the company further in the game.

Here’s the most anticipated Apple Watch 2 Preview:

Apple Watch 2 Features – All You Need To Know About the Upcoming Watch

Apple Watch 2 Features

Image Credit: Macworld

Apple Watch 2 Design

Apple Watch 2 is expected to be 20 percent to 40 percent thinner as compared to its predecessor. This is a good news considering no one would like wearing some bulkier watch on their wrist during a presentation or while going for an early morning jog. However, Apple is not planning to undergo any major design changes according to a trustworthy Apple Insider. The wearable will sport the same old upgrade cycle, which has been used in iPhones for a long time. The design of Apple Watch will be the same except some improved hardware and software upgrades under the hood.

Apple Watch 2 Camera

The upcoming watch is likely to sport the Ultimate Selfie Camera. According to rumors, a Facetime camera will be placed inside the watch’s front bezel. The patent acquired by Apple for Watch 2 shows a camera fitted into the device.

Apple Watch 2 Battery life

The current Apple Watch is facing some issues concerning the battery life. So the company is likely to address the battery issue in the upcoming smartwatch. Apple may approach the issue in the same manner it did with its iPad. The company will keep the size of the battery same as the watch’s predecessor, but it’ll introduce enhancements in iOS.

Apple Watch 2 OS

Earlier at WWDC 2016, the Cupertino behemoth unveiled watchOS 3 for its smartwatch. The new operating system brings enhanced performance. It’ll shorten the time taken by an app to open by up to 7 times. The user interface, however, receives a little redevelopment as it sports a control center, which is evident in iPhones. Fresh fitness tracking apps are available along with the latest emergency feature. If you hold the button located on the side for a couple of seconds, the feature will command the iPhone paired with it to call for emergency services. The watchOS 3 is already available in the beta form and it’s expected to roll out this fall.

Apple Watch 2 Release Date

There have been lots of various speculations surrounding the release date for Apple’s next-in-line smartwatch. The last rumor suggested that the device was supposed to be released at WWDC 2016, but apparently, it didn’t happen. Now it’s being speculated that the smartwatch will be launched along with the iPhone 7.

So this was our Apple Watch 2 Preview, let us know what other exciting features are you anticipating from Apple’s next-in-line smartwatch.

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