In love with clubs and loud concerts?  If you are, the Basslet is just the right product for you. Imagine the strong music vibrations crawling on your skin. That’s the idea behind this device. This portable and highly efficient woofer is perfect for your wrist, allowing you to feel the sensations arriving from the music. In case you aren’t aware of this exciting piece of technology, Technowize presents a quick Basslet review. Here you’ll notice that if you have a thing for trance music having plenty of bass, Basslet effortlessly promises to create the experience.

The Basslet Review

Basslet Review 1
The Basslet is a sub-bass audio system, which works as an easy to carry subwoofer. It communicates with basslines and beats of personal music directly, in return allowing users to take a rich experience of music around them. Unlike a bulky sound system, users can wear this device on their wrist like a watch. No one except the user will be able to feel the power of the sound, that’s the best part of it. Users can wear the device like a watch and work in the office while enjoying their love for loud, bass music without bothering someone might catch them. No matter if you are on a run, taking the subway, or sitting in a library, the Basslet will offer the highest quality everywhere. The intensity brought by the device is highly commendable. One can feel every beat while the vibration moves like the blood in veins.

Basslet Features

Basslet Review

The wearable sub-bass audio system looks like a small smartwatch, but one should not judge the device on its size. Underneath that small space lays the concept of haptic feedback engine with a rechargeable battery. The wearable subwoofer is packed with innovative technology, which is exclusively designed in Germany. The engine (LoSound) recreates frequencies of bass down to 10 Hz effortlessly. Basslet offers a bass-optimized large dynamic range and frequency response to manage low-end points with extreme accuracy.

The haptic engine situated inside the subwoofer allows you to select the level of bass sound according to your preference.

It recreates the entire bass frequency.

It offers low frequency, i.e. 10 – 250 Hz.

It arrives packed with a sender, which is perfectly capable of linking headphones with devices used for playing audios.

Basslet Price

At present, the device is priced for €139, but it may vary when the release date comes near.

Basslet Release Date

The device will release and be ready to ship in the month of December this year, though, a release date has not been announced yet.

Basslet Compatibility

Basslet is compatible with anything, which offers sound. It can connect to your iPods, smartphone, gaming console, VR headset, or laptop. It can also connect to old-age Walkmans. The app is not needed.

The device was launched as a Kickstarter campaign. Packed with the accuracy and power of a large speaker, the Basslet is the creation of Gwydion ap Dafydd and Daniel Büttner, founders of Lofelt. Feel the great music as you go with Basslet sub-wearable woofer, blocking everything around except the music sensations.