The world is rapidly transforming into a digital space, and 2020 is the year of the digital transformation! Communications and work are done on the digital world in a jiffy. There are many applications available nowadays, almost for every task or activity. There are apps for fitness/health tracking, apps to enhance productivity, apps for food travel and many more. These applications have increased the efficiency of humans and are a big time saver tool. Let us see some of the best applications of the year 2020.

Best Apps for the Year

Apps of the Year Technowize

Music Apps


The popular music app is available on both Android and iOS store for free. It offers ad-free music streaming and also recommends songs and playlists for people based on their music preferences. The app regularly suggests songs each week with lyrics to understand the song well. One can also surf for latest released songs and albums.


Ever had any song tune stuck in your head and found it hard to figure out which song it is? If this is the case, then Shazam app is the perfect tool. Users can hum or sing a tune and the app will display the name and lyrics of the song. The app is available for both Android and iOS platform for free. It also provides YouTube videos that are to a particular song.


This music app is available for Android and iOS platforms for free. It offers a varied collection of homemade audio as well as latest tracks from upcoming artists. Users can customize the music they want as per their choice and can also choose independent artists and their creations.

Gaming Apps

Exit the Gungeon

This iOS gaming application is an arcade game where players face adventures as a dungeon climber. The game has attractive graphics and will be soon available for Android and Google Play platforms.

Hatoful Boyfriend

This gaming app is available both for Android and iOS platforms at a price of $4.99. It is a hilarious pigeon love story puzzle game where gamers need to look for the endings of the puzzles and figure out a way in the St PigeoNation’s Institute.


This gaming app is available both for Android and iOS platform for free. The 100 player game facilitates cross-platform connections, from phones and laptop or PCs. it has attractive graphics which lets gamers choose varied character skins and other in-game features.

Business Apps

Scanner App

Looking for a quick scan of documents? Don’t worry, when you have the Scanner app. This iOS business tool is perfect for quickly scanning the official documents accurately. The tool automatically converts the photograph into JPEG or other supported formats and one can also embed their signature on the document.


This app is available both for Android and iOS platforms at a price of $4.99 for business dealings. The app is a simple task management tool for regular use. Professionals can add members of their office and delegates tasks accordingly. They can also set reminders and deadlines for the tasks specified.


This app is available both for Android and iOS platforms for free. It is a perfect choice for people looking for work connections, jobs and connecting with industry leaders. Users can create their profile and maintain it, update their work samples and even post feeds. One can also connect with several companies based on their preferences.

Food and Drink Apps


This free app for Android and iOS is a good app for food lovers. Users can check out restaurants near them or order in their favourite meals from the application itself. UberEats lists every local restaurant from an area. As such food lovers will always get their favorite local dishes at any time. The app also facilitates delivery of dishes at doorstep which saves time.


This app for Android and iOS is free for all. The distinctive feature about this app is that food lovers will get various options for the kind of food they wish to consume. The app offers options like veg, non-veg, and vegan diet delicacies among many.


Zomato brings efficient food delivery at your doorstep. The app for Android and iOS has many food and restaurant options for all. It also features blogger reviews for restaurants on the app itself, which makes it easier for users to check in the quality of food and the restaurant before ordering in.

Educational Apps


This free app for Android and iOS is an excellent tool for science lovers. it is an interactive app that educates learners about stars, galaxies and constellations among many. The best thing about this app is that learners can access it offline too, when there is no internet.


This education app on Android and iOS platforms is a tool for all age groups. Learners can choose any subject they like and the app will provide factual and detailed information.


Are you fond of learning multiple languages? IF your answer is yes, then DuoLingo is the best app for you. The language learning app makes learning fun and interesting. It can be accessed by people of any age group. The app educates through fun puzzles in writing, reading and listening style to make the learner understand each concept. It also offers daily class for learners of a time period of half an hour.

Lifestyle Apps


This free app for Android and iOS platforms enables users to browse queries about their health issues and receive answers from doctors within a day. One can also consult with a doctor online immediately on a paid service. The app covers a total of around 700,000 topics and 850 health based articles.

Remente Self-Improvement

This free app for Android and iOS has in-app purchases and helps one to inculcate healthy habits in life. It offers suggestions and tracks their health performance through daily tasks. The app is created to make people understand and adopt a healthy lifestyle.


This free app for Android and iOS has in-app purchases. This app is a perfect app for tackling and education about mental health and mental issues. Mental health is also a crucial part of a healthy living. A sound mind ensures a sound body. The Moodpath app helps to keep mental health in check. It offers daily positive insights and educates people about mental health.

Travel Apps


This free app for Android and iOS is an all in one app and perfect tool for travelers. It enables one to book commute and accommodation quickly. It also gives information and suggestions about destinations, places to visit and many more. It also helps one make rental car bookings easily.


This application is available for Android and iOS for free and helps people track their flight details. The distinctive feature of this app is that it shows information even about hidden flights. One can track hidden cities and book flights accordingly quickly to save time.


This free app for Android and iOS is perfect for the frequent road traveler. It enables people to look for nearest exits on the highway which would save fuel and time. It is perfect tool to reach a destination quickly and accurately.

Productivity Apps


This app is available for macOS platform at a price of $49/year. This app is a good choice for time and task management. It has a blocking feature wherein one can blocks all other distracting sites and keep them away from the gaze. It also has a ‘To Do list’ where one can list out the important tasks for the day. There is another interesting feature which shows users about the time left to complete a particular task.


This app is available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.  It is an efficient project management tool and one can list down tasks and prioritizing them accordingly for the day. One can also set project goals and share with members. It optimizes productivity through regular performance reports.


This productivity app is available for Android, iOS and Windows. It is one of the most popular productivity tools widely used across the globe. It is a perfect app for internal official communications and makes remote worker easier and faster. One can check the work status as per the urgency of a project and can also share files quickly. Slack also has voice and video call features for effective communication. One can also share work screens to keep a track of the employees and also solve their doubts.