Apparently, it seems Samsung isn’t fond of number six. Or, maybe the number is overrated and unlucky for the South Korean conglomerate. We have no idea if Samsung is superstitious or it’s a clever marketing move to compete rival’s upcoming lineup – iPhone 7. Nevertheless, witnessing the clash of Galaxy Note 7 VS iPhone 7 would be fun.

You might’ve read so many rumors related to Samsung’s upcoming Note 7, but we’re here to offer you a brief Galaxy Note 7 Preview. We’ve collected this information from highly reliable sources of rumors. These are the insiders whose predictions are 98 percent accurate. From Galaxy Note 7 features and specs to price and release date, we’ve covered it all.

Galaxy Note 7 Preview – Leapfrogging Title Is For Good

Galaxy Note 7 Preview

Galaxy Note 7 is Samsung’s upcoming champion model with 5.7-inch dual-edge curved Super AMOLED Display with Quad HD resolution screen equipped with a sleek stylus for drawing and navigation purpose. Stylus is nothing new considering it was originated specifically to accompany Note series by the tech behemoth.

When we’re talking about the name, it’s important that you stop fretting over it. Logic doesn’t matter. Branding does, especially, when the company is Samsung. In fact, what needs to be discussed is what kind of device it might be? Will it be able to come out as successful as Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge? Will it be better than its ancestors?

Though, Samsung has not released any statement confirming the rumors yet. But, as per news leaks obtained from various suppliers and company insiders, let’s have a look at the Galaxy Note 7 preview.

Galaxy Note 7 Release Date

The company has remained tight-lipped, but it’s suggested that Note 7 will be released in early August. If Samsung and Apple’s rivalry is anything to go by, the former won’t leave any chance to give a tough time to latter, especially when iPhone 7 lineup is gearing up for its launch in late August or early September. Evan Blass, a popular Twitter figure who is known for his reputation for reporting accurate leaks, predicts that Note 7 will go on sale somewhere near August 15.

Galaxy Note 7 Features

Curved Edge display

The display of Note 7 will be similar to S7 Edge. Samsung is not planning to release a straight-faced device like Note 5 and previous other Note models. What remains to be seen is, will the screen be easily navigable with Stylus? We hope so. In a manner, Stylus is one of the crucial things, which makes Note 7 different from S7 Edge.

Software Interface

Note 7 will feature a brand new software interface. Yes, that’s right. If you’ve been a Samsung user, you’re surely aware of the irritating TouchWiz feature, which the company has been using in its handset models for years. This is to differentiate Samsung phones from various other Android-powered smartphones. The software interface for Samsung is finally getting a major overhaul. The new interface is known as Grace. According to the video released on the Italian site named HD.Blog.IT, the introduction of Grace is a great take on device’s software.

  • You can press and hold the toggle “quick-access”, it will open additional options for you to use
  • You can change Wi-Fi settings or lower the screen brightness without the necessity to exit or minimize your current task window
  • A simple pinch and zoom can expand and shrink the photo gallery

Note Software

You will be able to witness a lightly overhauled style sporting various icons. Previous functionalities like handwriting, scribbling, and navigating using the stylus will be the same as previous note.

Pressure Sensitive Screen

There’s a rumor that Samsung Note 7 may feature pressure sensitive screen similar to Apple, but it’s not fixed yet. Although, it doesn’t look exactly like the one used in Apple, but it’s not that different either. So maybe, Samsung is planning to introduce 3D Touch like feature to Note 7 users.

Iris Scanner

Samsung is most probably adamant on bringing the IRIS scanner to Note 7 edition. Reportedly it has ordered the supplies for IRIS technology. The company is ready to take the next step in the future of secured devices. Microsoft is already using Iris scanning technology in one of its features, so it’s high-time Samsung brings out the same. Earlier, it was rumored that Galaxy S4 would feature Iris scanner, but as we now know, it was just a rumor. Let’s see, what happens with Note 7.

Android Nougat

The rumor that has been missing from the mill is Note 7 OS. Android N is coming out in fall, so we shouldn’t expect Android Nougat to debut in Note 7. It’s predicted that Note 7 will have Android Marshmallow version 6.0.1, but it would be upgradable to Android Nougat.

Galaxy Note 7 Specs

  • 12MP Rear Camera
  • 5MP Front-Facing Camera
  • IP68 Certification
  • 64GB Storage
  • MicroSD Storage
  • USB Type C
  • Quick Charge 3.0
  • 4,200mAh Battery
  • Blue, Black, and Silver Colors

Galaxy Note 7 Price

The expected price for 64GB Note 7 will be near $800. Prices are subject to variation depending upon region, storage capacity, promotional deals, and carrier.