The collaboration of two biggest brands Apple and Nike is the highlight of this launch. Well, if you are an Apple aficionado and are convinced to buy a branded smartwatch then Apple Nike+ perfectly fits into your requirement. The sophistication of Apple and the sportiness of Nike give the product an agile completion.

Apple Watch Nike+ Review

Apple Series 2 Nike+ version has brought to us some extremely unique comforts, be it in terms of the software or the hardware. The very versatile Nike+ has an opulent appearance which will let you stand on the top of the heap. The clock face is a metallic rich looking flat model available in two sizes i.e. 34mm and 42mm and they even offer 4 different styles. There is even two-tonelexible two tone silicon band.

Apple watch Nike+

Apple Watch Nike+ Features

The Nike+ Apple watch is easily operable and has a very easy-to-operate software design. It has a GPS, is waterproof up to 50metres (162 feet) of range, a heart sensing feature and an access to all the apps available on their store. Moreover, it possesses 8 GB of storage capacity and you can equip songs on 2 GB extract of its net memory.

Being a Nike+ version, it chiefly benefits us with pre-installed very-much-in-use Shoemaker’s Nike+ running app. You can even connect your application with your iPhone’s Siri and can run it more easily with its commands. Additionally, the watch also contains the Nike’s elastomer made flexible strap which is perforated with the series of uniform holes. This breathable band gives the watch an up-town look as well as some productive health benefits while working out.

It has a very bright display which makes it easy for the users to operate and to make a quick time-check. You also have with it a very cool Nike’s two face (analog and digital) time display on the centre screen. You can even customize apps or icons that apple calls ‘complications’ on the centre screen.

Apple Watch Nike+ Review: Fitness correspondence

The pre-installed Nike+ running app motivates the users with prompt notifications. The constant nagging might sound ‘Burgh’ but may be it would benefit you in achieving your fitness goals. It also keeps showing your latest run records.

The app shows your heart-rate, pace, distance, timing and all what you are likely to know about your workout session. You can even set up laps and training sessions on it and get fitness advices from professionals.

There are even blood sensing lights at the back side of the watch to measure up your pulse rate.

Apple Nike+ Price

The price of Apple Nike+ is $369 for 34mm model and $399 for 42mm model. Well, the price does not differ much from the Apple Series 2. It is expensive but we then just cannot expect any moderate price from Apple.

How it is different from Apple series2?

The pre-installed Nike+ Run Club app and its quick access on the main screen with the appearance of stylish Nike faces and a Nike symbol makes it different from Series2. The breathable Nike band also adds up to the difference.


  • With active GPS, the battery life is very slow (around 5 hours).
  • Due to lack of barometric altimeter, it cannot measure the elevations as in the floors climbed won’t be summed up in your workout.
  • The user may have a problem operating the watch with sweaty hands while working out. Considering the price and the watch being a fitness variant we expected the solution to such hurdles.
  • There is no multi window feature by which you can operate the songs with the Nike Run Club app.
  • You cannot export the workout data from any of the work-out apps.

Apple Nike+ Watch Review: Bottom-line

We agree, there are cheaper alternatives available for the smart-watch with Fitness app. You can get the same and with some additional features such as Russian GPS, elevation tracking and higher battery life in Forerunner 235 and VivoHR active. But if you are a fitness freak and an Apple fanboy, then Apple Series2 Nike+ is definitely the watch for you. It will completely stand on your hopes with its attractive look, high-end features and exclusive fitness benefits.