You may think that summer is the best time to sit back and take rest, but electronic companies don’t think so. Whole 2015 was the year of cutting-edge gadgets. The continuation is still on and world’s leading electronic brands are introducing gadgets that can change your life. Whether you are expecting significant changes in Smartphone technology or looking to buy the latest DSLR, last month was quite exciting for electronics. Here are the latest gadgets and their reviews, which you must read to know how effective those gadgets are.

iPhone SE:

iPhone SE

Apple, which is world’s leading Smartphone selling company, has launched its iPhone SE on March 31st, 2016. It was the first time when Apple has launched any of its products in the early months of the year. Usually, all the major launches of Apple take place during fall. That continuation was broken and people have got a stylish 4” and feature-rich Smartphone. Rumors were spreading that Apple can also release its futuristic Apple7 this month, but that didn’t happen. By the way, iPhone SE has got a good response from the buyers and now it is available in the market for purchase.

Canon EOS 1300D:

Canon EOS 1300D

DSLR cameras are quite popular among people, but these gadgets cost quite an expensive price. Canon has released Canon EOS 1300D to provide the DSLR camera at a very affordable price. This camera is available with inbuilt Wi-Fi and NFC. You can easily pair it with your Smartphone to share data and pictures. Launched with 18megapixel CMOS sensor and 9 autofocus points.

Canon EOS 1300D is featuring Digit 4+ image processor and 3fps incessant image capturing speed. Any individual, who wants to enhance his photographic skills and doesn’t want to spend an expensive price for purchasing the DSLR, should buy this new Canon camera. It is a perfect choice for quality pictures.

Withings Activite Pop:

Withings Activite Pop

Millions of people have shown their interest in fitness tracker watches. These are smart watches, which track your heartbeats, steps and inform you about your health conditions. Withings Activite Pop is a new release in Smart watches that looks like a classic watch but functions exactly same as other fitness activity trackers. Its look of traditional wristwatch makes it quite appealing for buyers. It is waterproof, durable and quite affordable for anyone, who wants to track his fitness.

Along with above-presented gadgets, some other impressive gadgets were also launched in this month like Mota Smart Ring, Zensorium Being Smartwatch, Parrot Pot and XYZ Printing 3D Food Printer. All of these gadgets are now available in the market for purchase. You can check their reviews and choose the best for your demands.

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