The former Black Eyed Peas crooner and tech-aficionado made an entry back to the tech-world with another new release. The Bluetooth wireless headphones lines up to the wireless way of headphones’ future set by Apple via its wireless Apple EarPods.

The Bluetooth wireless headphones

The earphones by is exclusively designed with magnetic disk buttons and a connecting neck strap. The wire connecting the magnetic earpiece forms a loop around your neck like a necklace. bluetooth wireless headphone

The wrap around your neck feature is impressive as it won’t cause inconvenience when you are trying to cling a bag on your shoulder or pull out things in a hurry. Also, the intelligent necklace-like design avoids the drawbacks of the Apple AirPods. Though it is a wireless earphone, it has a mic and allows you to control your music without accessing your mobile.

The sound acoustics which is the medium for directing the music to our ears are 11mm drivers. The gives clear sound quality and rich bass. While you are having a walk with your headphones on, the steps will have a feel of ease; motivating you to move for hours, claims the company.

The style statement buzz

The Bluetooth wireless headphones are especially targeting those who don’t want to compromise on style for good quality, says the official website. Involving Kendall Jenner, Shaun Ross, and Naomi Campbell in the advertising of the wireless console dedicatedly shows us their focus on the style statement. The official website promotes the earphones with the statement “Bluetooth earphones for dope”. Well, the making of the earpiece with the vinyl cords give it a rich appearance but when you plug it in your ears, the style doesn’t seem extraordinary. The design is a bit abhorrent to’s promise of portraying cool style and does not stand out.


You will be able to enjoy the non-stop music for up to six hours on a single charge and is good to go even for non-stop calling.  The battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion console and the standby time for the battery to last is more than 120 hours. The Bluetooth wireless headphones have Bluetooth version 4.0 plus EDR. Moreover, the most remarkable takeaway with the wireless product are the small/medium/large interchangeable earpads. There are four color options available: black, gray, rose, and gold.

Technowize review

The Bluetooth wireless headphones hold a price tag of $229.95 which is expensive. funds a lot of tech products, some of which are pretty expensive and not so popular. The efforts to come up with something different every time are appreciated but the performance can’t be compromised at such an expensive rate.