We’ve been a huge fan of Blue’s headphones lineup since they launched the Lola and Mo-Fi in 2015. Unlike other audio product makers that get themselves lost in trying to invent a whole new category, Blue keeps things simple. Their recent foray into headphones has not disappointed us either. Easily, their most ambitious microphones yet, Blue Ella headphones has us head over heels. When it works, it’s a pure planar magnetic dream.

In this Technowize review, you’ll learn about Blue’s most expensive pair of headphones till date. We’ll begin with some pretty standard features.

Blue Ella Headphones Review

Blue Ella’s unique design, the planar magnetic technology with audiophile amps, the crisp and uninterrupted sound, and incredible isolation still packs a punch. Here are our thoughts:

Blue Ella Design

When it comes to planar magnetic headphones, you ought to pay more to get a sophisticated tech that ultimately leads to better results. The technology offers greater music fidelity, reduced distortion, and tighter bass – it’s the real deal.

At first glance, Blue Ella doesn’t convey a user-friendly comfort. You can control the height extension of the headband, but that’s a played out feature. It makes sense because you need headphones you can extend. There’s also a separate mechanism designed to expand the headphones sideways. Both the extension mechanisms work in tandem to give you a comfortable fit.

The earcups are closed and the sound automatically turns off when you take them off. This is a fantastic feature that we’d love to see on similar products for audiophiles.

Blue Ella Headphones

Blue Ella is beautifully built, with the same hinged design we saw on Mo-Fi and Lola. It has the right curves and swoops on its metal frame, and soft leather cushions that cups the ear gently to offer padding. One of the downsides of Ella is their weight. At 481g, these are quite heavy for portable use, and much alike the headphones Focal or Technics. If you’re the kind of person that gets lost in gaming sessions for hours at a time, these are not the ideal pair for you. The planar magnetic headphones are also integrated with LED light on the outside of each earcup. For the design-conscious audiophile, they’re flawless.

The total package includes a soft carry case, 1.2-meter audio cable with in-line controls and microphone, a 3-meter audio cable, an adapter and a USB-A to microUSB cable for changing the built-in amp. All the cables are braided and hold up well.

Amp System

Blue has made sure the Ella charge irrespective of the source you plug them into. The latest listening gear boasts 12 hours of playtime with the amp activated. Blue claims to be the first headphones maker to offer the all-might 250mW amplifier in a set of planar magnetic headphones. Just like Mo-Fi, Ella features three-way controls for turning the built-in amplifier off and selecting between “on” and “on+” modes. You can shuffle between the three modes to find out which mode works best for you. Once you find out what’s right for you, you’ll notice extraordinarily fantastic sounds.

Ella is louder than most headphones, and nowhere near as bass heavy as Beats. You can get a relatively even and clear soundscape – perfect for indie, pop and electro, and even classical. The noise canceling is impressive but if you’re looking for headphones to drown jet engines, then keep looking.

Blue Ella headphones – which carry a $700 price tag – are one of the most dynamic, detailed and accurate audio products on the market. Nothing can beat these audiophile cans; they’re simple to use, offer phenomenal results and don’t break the bank.

Ella Blue Headphones


  • Phenomenal audio performance that uses planar magnetic system for drivers.


  • At $700 the Blue Ella are hardly a mass market product.
  • The bulkiness and the confusing amp system could turn off many users.


If you’re looking for planar magnetic headphones, I recommend the Blue Ella. These headphones offer terrific sound within a flawless design and an affordable price range.