Coffee brewing is an art that goes way back in time; some may find it exhausting, some may find it messy, but one thing that undoubtedly revolves around this art is its appliance. So, when I heard of the Vaccine air brewer and its functions in giving cold and hot brewed coffee, I knew my coffee game was back on, and I had to try it! Let’s explore all about the VacOne coffee Air brewer and how it works.  

The VacOne Air brewer coffee brewer is a great way to enjoy coffee. It makes single-serve cups of delicious hot and iced coffees.

All you need is your favorite pre-packaged pods or K Cups from brands like Starbucks, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR), Lipton, and many others for this appliance to work perfectly every time.

The VacOne brewer uses Vacuum technology to enable water flow through its filters to get the extracted coffee. 

VacOne coffee air brewer

The VacOne can brew up to 14 ounces in one brew, rated at about a cup and a half.

How To Brew Coffee with the VacOne Air  

Before brewing, you’ll have to ensure that the carafe and the top are attached adequately to create an airtight seal.  

To make coffee using the VacOne air, you first attach the plastic bucket onto the glass carafe, then pour in your hot water and coffee grounds.  

Stir everything together, then wait for a few minutes to let the coffee steep. Next, press the button right in the center to activate the Vacuum pump located within the lead unit. 

It’s important to know that the vacuum pump is run with a battery. So, if you look well, you’ll see a rechargeable cell-USB inside the head unit of the VacOne air. Claims made by the company entail that the battery power of the Vacuum pump can brew about 100 coffee carafes per charge.  

VacOne Coffee Air brewer: Pros 

I will choose the VacOne coffee maker because of its simplicity and how fast it is for people who want a quick brew. Whether I am brewing hot coffee or cold coffee, I set a timer for it and get my mind off it while expecting a smooth, refreshing cup of coffee within a few minutes.   

The VacOne brews a delicious, whole cup coffee at half the time typically required to brew similar quality coffee. One added advantage to using the VacOne is its brewing volume. The VacOne can brew up to 14 ounces in one brew, rated at about a cup and a half.   

VacOne Coffee Air brewer: Downsides 

As much as I loved the different aspects of this coffee maker, cleaning it is not on my favorite list. With the odd shape of the top part scooping out the grinds became a hectic task. This is because I couldn’t get to the bottom of the narrow channel to scoop out the residues, and dumping the grinds was impossible at that point. After all, they were stuck onto the walls of the plastic. To finally get the VacOne clean, I repeatedly rinsed out the top part.

 Another minimal complaint is the maximum amount of coffee the VacOne makes, which is 14 ounces. This wouldn’t be regarded as an issue for most people, but if you have a good number of coffee drinkers in your home, you’ll be needing to work overtime which can be exhausting.  

VacOne Coffee Air brewer: Our Verdict

The VacOne comes with a hot and cold-brewed system at an $89 price tag. You might say the price fits right, especially with its 16-month warranty should any defects show up. If there is a break in the carafe or a rip in the filter, you can purchase replacements for a few bucks.   

Every coffee lover with a fancy brewing setup, particularly a handy coffee maker with a grinder, should consider the VacOne as it is one of the best coffee gadgets on the market. It’s simple, it’s affordable, and it sure makes a great cup.