Are you in search for a budget-friendly headphone that can run the beat while you’re commuting? Your search has come to an end. The iTeknic’s new BH002 noise canceling headphones meet your desired qualities, with an over-the-ear design and active noise cancelling (ANC) tech, for just $56.

Although the headphone is just new to the market, this Shenzhen, China-based brand is a sister label to Ravpower, TaoTronics, HooToo, and Vava. They all are under Sunvalleytek (a consumer electronics manufacturer). You may have tried lots of other similar headphones before, but this one comes highly recommended. Despite being dirt cheap, you have the following to gain for your money.


BH002 comes with an amazing design, good-looking package, and an overall solid feeling. An all plastic body, with the padding and the earcups are covered in synthetic fabrics. The exterior design of the iTeknic’s new BH002 headphones looks more like that of Sony’s popular WH-1000XM3 headphones. However, they come with nice metallic panels outside of the earcups which add a subtle touch of flair. The headphone’s earcups can fold flat and inwards too, making it easier for you to store safely or pack back into the included compact case. The average weight of the noise canceling headphones is about 277g. But this weight is well distributed that even though you wear them for a couple of hours at a stretch, you won’t feel uncomfortable.


There are whole lots of features that make the BH002 set stand out. It has an active noise cancellation that works without a wireless connection, Bluetooth 5.0 for easy, quick and reliable pairing, volume controls, a middling microphone for calls, a 3.5mm jack for a wired connection in case you forgot to charge the device, and quick charging over micro USB for just an hour charge. At full charge, you can get about 15 hours of use.


The BH002 budget-friendly headphone set punch above its weight class. They are heavy on the bass which makes them suited for rock, metal, and pop music and can reproduce enough sound details. But it’s incapable of much separation between instruments. This means when in use, you don’t expect to really pick out many nuances in any soulful vocal performance.

The headphone’s noise cancellation feature works perfectly as expected. With the headphone, the most low-frequency din is blocked out, even though car honks and loud conversation at close proximity can still be heard. The microphone on the noise canceling headphone serves barely for making voice calls. However, it is most suitable for occasional brief chats because when in a quiet room, you’ll sound like you’re on speakerphone.

The battery performance of the BH-002 is top-notch. It can last for several hours after only an hour’s charge, meaning you are at liberty to leave your cable at home. The fact is the BH-002 headset can’t beat other headphones in terms of high fidelity audio, but they still sound good enough to be your secondary pair at work.

Hence, if you share workspace or commutes frequently, you may need a pair of BH002 noise-canceling headphone.