OpenAI Vs Stability AI is the new major talking point in the world of tech. We all know how the former’s latest addition to the AIverse, ChatGPT went viral immediately after its launch at the fag end of 2022. And now in a significant development in the domain of artificial intelligence, the latter is reported to be on its way to raise huge funds to mobilize its fierce battle against its arch-rival.

It goes without saying that OpenAI is currently enjoying an edge over its close competitor Stability AI thanks to the ChatGPT juggernaut. Right since its launch, ChatGPT has been sensational. First it created shockwaves across the world, as fears became strong of the AI chatbot turning into a potential ‘job eater’ in due course of time. 

But with the passage of time, people realized that it’s not going to happen anytime soon. For, AI can’t offer creativity and critical thinking and the tool is nothing but an extension of the suggestions that come to you when you are typing a text message on your smartphone. 

However, that didn’t stop ChatGPT from experiencing an exponential rise. The moment everyone thought that now OpenAI can sit back and relax, with ChatGPT doing the job with effortless ease, Stability AI is back to challenge its hegemony. 

Let’s delve deeper with the story to analyze how it stands at the moment and what are the major aspects around it, as the OpenAI Vs Stability AI battle turns more fierce than ever. Here we go, without much ado. 

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Will Stability be able to disrupt the stability currently enjoyed by OpenAI? We need to wait to find out the answers. [Image Credit: Freepik]

OpenAI Vs Stability AI: Powerhouse Vs Powerhouse 

It certainly seems like one of those battles which forces you to move to the edge of your seat. At a time when it appeared all quiet on the Stability AI front, OpenAI was caught with a surprise. The development once again proves that there’s little room for complacency in the world of tech and when it comes to AI, there’s practically no room for having a nap. Whoever you are, you can’t afford but to remain alert and sharp. 

It’s true that OpenAI had enough reasons to be a little bit complacent. The company, which enjoys a multi-billion backing from tech giant Microsoft, saw its new AI chatbot ChatGPT rise like nothing and the surge continued to grow manifold to ultimately allow OpenAI to come up with something called ChatGPT Plus, which doesn’t come for free like ChatGPT itself and charges you a fairly decent amount. For the last couple of months ‘How to use ChatGPT?’ and ‘best uses of ChatGPT’ were among the most-searched terms on the internet. 

Also, OpenAI’s Dall-E 2, an AI system that can create realistic images and ‘art’ from a description in natural language, went on to get the better of Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion, a similar AI tool meant for making digital images. 

Moreover, only in January, this year, OpenAI inked a new multi-year investment deal with Microsoft, which allowed it to strengthen its powers and further consolidate its lead over Stability AI. 

However, in a fresh bid to pose a serious challenge to OpenAI and drag it back from the pole position, London-based Stability AI has decided to resort to a huge fundraising drive at a valuation of around $4 billion. For the uninitiated, only a couple of months back this AI firm managed to attain the unicorn status after raising a whopping $101 million from the market. 

Back then in October, the company was valued at $1billion. Therefore, within barely five months, Stability AI’s valuation has jumped by a staggering four times! This is indeed something which raises the eyebrows of those who are at the helm of things at OpenAI. Also, it calls for a response from its arch-rival as the competition in the AI world in 2023, is not only stiff but it seems to be nothing less than cut-throat. 

For your information, Stability AI has already some powerful investors like Coatue Management and Lightspeed Venture Partners in its kitty. Though the name of Microsoft sounds heavy, one can’t take these players lightly. 

In January 2023, Bloomberg leaked that tech giant Microsoft has sanctioned a stunning move to invest as much as $10 billion in OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT. Now with Stability AI planning to launch a blitzkrieg by seeking fresh funds at a valuation which is four-times higher than what was five months back, OpenAI has reasons to worry. 

Stability AI continues to claim that its epoch-making discovery Stable Diffusion, which allows people to get realistic or surrealistic images just by typing the description of an image, is better than any other (read Dall-E and Dall-E 2) such tool available in the market. 

But deep inside, the stakeholders clearly know that they need to enhance their tool in order to put up a strong resistance in its dog fight against arch-rival OpenAI’s Dall-E 2

Trivia: Do you know that the name Dall-E is basically a portmanteau of the names of animated robot Pixar character WALL-E and the famous Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali?

Dall-E was launched in January, 2021 and Dall-E 2 came a year after with an enhanced ability to generate more realistic and accurate images with 4x greater resolution. Both of them continue to fetch a huge traffic and the users are found to be spread across the world, literally from every nook and corner. 

It needs to be seen how Stable Diffusion manages to revamp itself in style, to question the supremacy of Dall-Es (however, in case of Dali, the supremacy lives on without any question). Also, how does it affect the overall equation of the AIverse, as the OpenAI Vs Stability AI battle enters the next level. Will Stability be able to disrupt the stability currently enjoyed by OpenAI? We need to wait to find out the answers. We at Technowize will be keeping a close watch on this and will get back to you with updates as the story unfolds in the AI battleground. 

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Alphabet, and Meta Platforms are desperately trying to make serious inroads into the world of AI. But at the moment, it’s clearly OpenAI Vs Stability AI and the question of any other force outside the duo becoming a strong challenger, appears to be a distant possibility. 

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