When we look for the best Android tablet 2022, we want to find extraordinary performance and capabilities. In the Android tablet reviews, we can find many tablets that represent a true value. Therefore, we can be satisfied with the top-rated Android tablets that we show below. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

This Android tablet is what the fans of tablets have long deserved. It is one of the best iPad alternatives, and it offers several characteristics that make this tablet the best Android choice. 

With its price of around $220, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is quite popular today. The tablet has a 10.4-inch, 2000×1200-pixel display, and memory of 3GB. The storage space is limited to 32GB. The battery life is outstanding, and the tablet can endure 13+ hours of usage. This means that you can enjoy everything you watch or read on this tablet for a longer period of time.

best android tablet 2022

Image: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

There is also facial recognition that you can use to unlock the device, which makes the tablet very useful when it comes to the security and safety of the device. There is USB-C charging, which makes the charging easier because you can use the charger for your phone or some other tablet to charge this Samsung device. 

You get a very good Android experience with this tablet, and that is visible in every aspect and characteristic of it. There are Google Play app stores and Google apps that will make the use of this device more interesting. 

Amazon Fire 10 HD

This is the best budget Android tablet that you can buy at the moment. The price is around $150 and it offers great value for the money. There are many upgrades that Amazon made with this tablet, and some of the improvements are a slightly brighter screen and lighter design. We also got 1GB more RAM, and that is all packed into the device that has stellar battery life and a very good display. 

android tablet reviews

Image: Amazon Fire 10 HD

This Fire 10 HD is a very good device for users who want to read an e-book, watch videos and use the internet. It can offer the basic functions and this is why the device is described as the best budget Android tablet. For a reasonable price, you get very good basic characteristics and great battery life to watch the videos, read e-books, and play your favorite video games.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 13

This super-versatile tablet comes with 8GB of memory and uses a Snapdragon 870 processor to perform tasks. The processor is very fast and it can serve you in the best manner while you play games and do some demanding tasks. This Android tablet has a very impressive 13-inch display and quality speakers. These characteristics make you feel like you are watching the content on a proper TV instead of a tablet. 

top rated android tablets

Image: Lenovo Yoga Tab 13

You can even use it as a second screen next to your laptop or PC, and this might increase the visual experience. There are also some downsides to the tablet, such as the lack of a headphone jack and the lack of 5G support. However, if you look for an entertainment-based tablet, you can choose this Lenovo Yoga Tab 13. You will make the right choice because entertainment is a key aspect of this device. 

The best Android tablet 2022 must have all the necessary features to deserve this title. You have read about the best Android tablets that you can buy right now. There is an option for each buyer, and you can find your favorite tablet from the selection above. Choose your device and have fun while you watch videos, play games, or simply use the device for surfing the internet.