The advent of Google’s iconic Pixel Watch and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 series has opened the smartwatch market beyond the monopolistic breakthrough that Apple Watch achieved. An array of Wear OS watches have started to enter the mainstream matrix of the smartwatches industry. While many comparisons have been drawn leaving room for improvement, the best Wear OS apps offer a splendid experience overall. 

But how can the full potential of the Wear OS watch be unlocked? Here’s a compilation of the 5 must-have Wear OS apps of 2023. If you’re in the market for a new Wear OS watch or if you are not sure of where to start with the best apps, Technowize is certain that the recommended Wear OS apps will give you an unparalleled experience and realize the features that the smartwatch brings to the table. 

Best Wear OS Apps: Top 5 Wear OS Apps Of 2023

1. SimpleWear

SimpleWear is straightforwardly an extension of your phone. One can harness multiple functions that a smartphone controls, without requiring the phone. It’s a game-changer app for motorcycle and car drivers as well as for ones who’ve left their phones on charge somewhere in their house and need to use it.

Best Wear OS apps

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Some of the features of this best Wear OS app are accessing the functions of locking the screen, turning on the flashlight, controlling media playback, selecting ‘Do not Disturb’ mode, switching off the ringer volume, and more. The advantage of SimpleWear as one of the must-have Wear OS apps is that it is available as a tile on the smartwatch and one can quickly access control over various functions of their phone. But the drawbacks of SimpleWear are that the media controls seem to be glitchy, the setup is a lengthy procedure, and that one must even install a complementary app to toggle Wi-Fi. 

2. Shazam

Shazam has been around for about two decades and has now made its place in the best apps for Wear OS as well. The utility of Shazam is to identify unknown music, movies, ads, and TV shows by just a small sampling and it is quite easy to use. In your WearOS, Shazam displays the song name and artist but is recorded in the phone’s app library.

Best Wear OS apps

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The only limitations of Shazam as a Wear OS app are that it cannot list songs that have been identified previously and Wear OS does not support ‘Auto Shazam’ mode yet.

3. AccuWeather

AccuWeather has been ruled as one of the best weather apps for smartphones. Entering the realm of smartwatches, AccuWeather can definitely be listed under the must-have Wear OS apps.

Best Wear OS apps

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Although the Wear OS version isn’t as wholesome as the phone app, on a single screen, AccuWeather can display the RealFeel temperature, and current temperature, and indicate any precipitation in the next hour. The important weather details are delivered crisply at a glance. Presently, there are no functions available like radars, daily forecasts, or checking the weather of another location but we think installing this recommended Wear OS app is a good fit

4. Google Keep

Running errands becomes easier with Google Keep. The note-taking app can be used to witness shopping lists, recipes, and reminders as well. The Wear OS app configuration resembles the phone app’s order but falls short at editing. While users can check off list items, archive or pin notes, and even set a single note as a tile, this top Wear OS app does not allow editing text and misses a search function.

Best Wear OS apps

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But the best part of Google Keep for Wear OS is that even with an on-screen keyboard, there’s a speech-to-text feature that works easier than creating notes by typing. 

5. Google Maps

Google Maps has been reigning over the geolocation market as one of the most popular apps inbuilt into most Android phones. As one of the best Wear OS apps, Google Maps pairs comfortably with the phone app and allows free map browsing with a simple double-tap to zoom in. It provides turn-by-turn directions which makes it convenient for the ones on the road to reach their destination via cycling, walking, or driving.

Best Wear OS apps

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The only setback for Google Maps for Wear OS is that it cannot access satellite view, nor can it display traffic information. We’re sure these features will be made available sooner than later.