Shopping for a mom who loves to buy the latest technology? With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to find the ideal tech gift for her. To help get your creative juices flowing, Technowize has curated a mini list of the best Mother’s Day tech gifts. From a mechanical keyboard to the kindle reader, we’re pretty sure you’ll love these gifts for techie moms.

Mother’s Day Tech Gift Ideas 2022 

Our options cover moms who are into everything from VR to Roomba. To make your search easier, we’ve curated a list of Mother’s Day electronic gifts that will make this day special. Keep reading to find out more. 

1. iRobot Roomba J7+ WiFi 

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If you want to give your mother something that will save time in cleaning the house, it is best to consider this iRobot Roomba device. Your mom will enjoy the excellent navigation and good cleaning performance, and this device will become an ideal option for saving time. In modern times when work and life balance is more than important, you need to find a device that will help you at home. This robot device is an ideal choice. 

2. Logitech G513 mechanical keyboard 

tech electronic gifts for moms

If your mom is working from home or if she needs a mechanical keyboard for office work, then a gift in the form of a Logitech G513 will be a great solution. This keyboard is one of the best keyboards that come from Logitech and you should consider it next time when you need some tech gifts for mom. This keyboard is great for writing and gaming, and it has a very durable design. Your mom will be using it for a long time. 

3. Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition 

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There are many Kindle versions, but this Paperwhite Signature Edition is one of the best options that you can buy right now. It is among the favorite e-book readers and your mom will certainly enjoy it. She can take it on a vacation or she can simply enjoy her time at home. The performances of this e-book reader are excellent and you can be sure that these kinds of gifts for techie mom will be a great choice. It is sturdy enough and it provides a great reading experience. 

4. Canon EOS Rebel T7 camera 

tech gifts for moms

This camera is among the best Canon cameras that you can find in this price range. It is an ideal gift for a mom because she can take pictures of the family and friends’ gatherings that will surely happen on May 8, or later. The camera has a very lightweight design and it provides great image quality. It is a good beginner pick, especially if your mom wants to shoot videos. This will be an ideal gift for moms who enjoy taking pictures and shooting videos. 

5. Sennheiser CX Plus True wireless earbuds 

mother's day electronic gifts

When it comes to the Sennheiser brand, we need to mention it is an ideal brand for getting great products at a fair price. This is the case with these wireless earbuds, and your mom will certainly enjoy the sound that comes from these earbuds. These earbuds will be ideal for listening to music and podcasts because the sound quality is very good. This product has excellent battery life and the clearness of the sound is noticeable. If your mom wants to enjoy the sound on the go, these wireless earbuds are the perfect solution. 


All of the mentioned tech gifts 2022 are the best gifts for your mom. She will enjoy the tech gifts that are practical and useful. Every mom has her preferences when it comes to gifts, and that is why you should know what kind of gift would be an ideal choice. You can choose some gifts from the list above and make your mom smile whenever she uses the product.