If you have gifted yourself a PS5 it is only right that you get the rest of the bells and whistles that will optimize its use. The best PS5 accessories might not be cheap, but they are what your controller needs to help you enjoy all the games and everything it has to offer. It would be best if you track all the PS5 updates so that you don’t miss out on any of the offered improvements .

Here are some of the best PS5 accessories that promise to help you escape reality and enter your very own la la land, aka gamer zone.

1.  The DualSense Controller

Yes, we know the DualSense Controller is included in the box, but for multiplayer games it makes sense to have 1 or 2 more with you. You can have a game war with family and friends, as you both can share in the experience. Integrated into the sleek device is a built-in microphone and the earplugs provide haptic feedback. The adaptive triggers offer varying degrees of tension that enhance your overall experience as you immerse yourself in the in-game environments. In case you are playing alone, you can drop the used PS5 Controller, check if it is positioned correctly with its click-in system, and use the other one to play while this is charged.

2.  The DualSense Charging Station

Since you already have at least 2 DualSense Controllers, the next logical step is to get yourself the DualSense Charging Station. Sleek, convenient and pleasing to the eye, it can charge up to two devices at a time. As it works on wireless technology, you do not need to physically plug in the controllers and can relax as the charging station’s click-in design takes over. It comes with an AC adapter, AC power cord and an instructional manual. These factors make it a must-buy and one of the best PS5 accessories lists in our book.

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3. The Pulse 3D Wireless headset

A simple search for a PS5 headset makes Google throw up the Pulse 3D Wireless recommendations. While some might deem this is not entirely necessary, good headphones are the key to an elevated experience. With a battery life of around 12 hours, 3D audio and dual hidden microphones, the Pulse 3D headset is no-brainer. One of the best gaming headsets, Sony has engineered this for a successful marriage with its PlayStation. It can be charged wirelessly and the noise-canceling microphones, combined with an adjustable head strap, ensure that you can tune out the real world and enjoy the game without disturbance. The PS5 headset works like a dream, seamlessly taking your gaming moments from basic to epic.

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4. PS5 Media Remote

Although it is a gaming remote, and comes with the usual play, pause, rewind and fast forward buttons, this remote has dedicated settings to stream other services, like Netflix, Disney, Spotify and YouTube. You can enjoy your favorite shows and movies at just a click as this remote blends seamlessly with most of the other best PS5 accessories on this list. Plus, you can use it to both turn on your PS5 and then navigate through menus without even having to connect a controller.

5. Playstation Plus

Subscribing to PS Plus should be on your do-list, if you haven’t already done so. It offers a wide range of benefits for multiplayer games and is definitely a plus. About 100 GB of cloud storage, a host of free games and discounts can all be yours for as little as USD 60 a year, or USD 10 per month. You also receive the latest PS5 updates and the subscription allows you to screen share with fellow gamers for an unparalleled experience.

6.  The PS5 HD Camera

The PS5 webcam is the answer to all your gaming needs. Equipped with dual lenses, the HD camera is built to give you laser sharp focus and clarity. The superior technology and defining lenses let you record and, if you wish to – broadcast PS5 game reviews, without glitches.

7.  An External hard Drive

Last but not the least, although we cannot play games on an external hard drive, it is a good option to store your games. It is much faster than installing or downloading. The WD Black P50 Game Drive SSD and the Samsung Portable SSD T5 are some of our best bets as they are affordable and easy-to-use.

As Sony is always looking for ways to improve their product line-up, you can be rest assured there will be some more PS5 updates coming your way. In April 2021, their update helped support 120Hz gaming. Do keep an eye out and if you haven’t decked yourself out with any of the accessories, gift yourself some as a New Year present.