Searching for the best USB-C cable can be very challenging and we made the process easier for you. In the following text, you will find out more about the USB-C connector types and USB type-C cable options that you can find in the market today. 

There is a huge choice of USB type-C cables, and the differences are huge, even though they all look the same. You can find a cheap USB-C cable that is equally good as the more expensive option, or you can give more money for the cable that is not worth the price that you pay. 

To make things more convenient for you, we have made a list of the best USB-C cables that you can find right now. Keep reading to find out more about this subject.

Apple best type c charger

Image: Apple USB-C Charger Cable

1. Apple USB-C Charge Cable 

If you want to get a brand name for a fair price, then this Apple cable might be a good solution. It is an excellent cable for charging, but it is not that good for data transfer. This Apple cable has the quality to charge your device all day long at 100 watts, and that is part of the incredible performance this cable offers.

The only mistake that Apple has made is that the box is not clearly branded, and you can easily replace this cable with some lousy one when you buy it. This Apple cable is very sturdy and reliable when it comes to charging and you will not find any malfunctions when you charge your devices with it.

best type c charger

Image: Cable Matters 6-foot USB-C cable

2. Cable Matters 6-foot USB-C cable

This is a high-quality USB-C cable that will give you excellent performance and reliable use. The cable can do charging at 100 watts and it can transfer data from your USB 3.1 SSD. It can also run a monitor and its power does not end here. The cable is made to transfer data at 20Gbps, which is very good if we consider the length of the cable. It is a 6-foot cable and it is not made to deliver higher speeds. 

You can search for the shorter cables that deliver 40Gbps, but these cables are usually much shorter than this cable. When it comes to other characteristics, there are some good and bad sides that you should know. This cable weighs almost 3.5 ounces, and this is one of the heaviest solutions that you can find right now. You cannot roll it up easily and this could be a problem when your storage space is limited. Considering the great performance and the quality of the cable, you can choose it next time you want to have a reliable and easy-to-use USB type-C cable.

usb c charger cable

Image: Dockcase 8.5-inch USB-C cable

3. Dockcase 8.5-inch USB-C cable

This Dockcase 8.5-inch USB-C cable is very portable and useful in situations when you want to do some fast charging of your device or when you want to transfer data in a fast manner. The cable is very short, and it is only 8.5-inch long, which gives it speed and efficiency. 

The charge rate of this Dockcase cable is 100 watts and it has 4K video support. When it comes to the speed, the Thunderbolt 3 speed is limited to 20Gbps. You can charge your laptop or other devices at 100 watts without any problems. This might not be the fastest USB-C cable, but it is worth the money. 

As you can see, the best type-C charger and a cable for transferring data have to be reliable and made in a quality way. To find the best cable, it is needed to consider all aspects and find the most convenient cable for your needs.