Even before the big unveiling of the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung has been making quite a splash at the CES 2024 event, the transparent microLED display being one of the major announcements. The First Look showcase before the CES event in Las Vegas saw Samsung reveal a transparent microLED display device, an entirely glass-based screen that could show images on its surface without any decline in the quality of the viewing experience. Without giving away too many details about the technology and how the company plans to incorporate it into its products just, the unveiling of the Samsung transparent OLED technology was still quite dramatic.

Samsung’s Transparent MicroLED Opens Up a Whole New World For Digital Displays

“Transparent LEDs are poised to redefine viewing experiences, making the line between content and reality virtually indistinguishable. Leveraging this groundbreaking technology, Samsung Electronics has upleveled its leading MICRO LED display to expand how users enjoy visual content.”

As a precursor to the Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2024, Samsung launched three new transparent microLED displays that were essentially the same in function but varied to a degree in design. The transparent microLED displays guarantee a crystal-clear viewing experience albeit through a see-through screen that is interrupted by the contents in the background. While this is not the first transparent OLED screen to be designed, the company does believe that its microLED display is game-changing, providing clear images while also being more transparent than what competitors have on the market right now. 

According to Engadget, two of the transparent microLED displays are completely transparent while the third has tinted glass to limit the interference from objects in the background. The freestanding device doesn’t seem to feature a clunky frame, which is quite fascinating to consider when you think about the technology packed into it. Samsung’s own promotion of the transparent screen has been highly limited as their newsroom only features a barely decipherable vertical video of the screens. The quality of the video hides more than it shows but we’re hoping we will learn more during the course of CES 2024. It is likely we will soon see a Samsung transparent TV make an appearance with the technology but such a device has not been explicitly announced. 

Samsung’s Transparent OLED Faces Competition Even Before its Official Release

It seems the digital era still has innovative surprises to offer and a transparent TV could be the next trend we witness this year. Just as people began to conceptualize a Samsung transparent TV following the announcement of the transparent microLED display, LG announced its own iteration of the transparent TV, possibly even grander than the one Samsung has planned. Titled the OLED T and powered by LG’s Alpha 11 AI processor, the device is quite magnificent in design. Its AV transmission technology additionally makes it a wireless TV as well, adding to the style of the device.

Set for release sometime later this year, LG’s transparent OLED TV allows users to select between two settings—the transparency mode and the black screen mode. This simplifies the struggle of trying to have a transparent screen perfectly suited for every situation, giving users some control over the device. 

Overall, while we wait to hear more about the application of the transparent microLED for a Samsung transparent TV and the specs that it will feature, so far it appears to be a more versatile device. The LG transparent TV looks more classy and clear as well, considering we have an idea about the complete device and the setup it will feature. As we wait for more updates on these devices over the course of CES 2024 we might see more such transparent LED tech make an appearance.