American electric vehicle manufacturer Fisker Automotive has returned to the center stage with an ultimate long-distance Grand Touring car – the Fisker Ronin GT. The all-electric super GT is expected to have a range of 600 miles, superseding many contemporaries in the high-performing sedan market. The Ronin is no exception to Fisker’s reputation for producing exceptional electric vehicles focused on sustainability and cutting-edge design. 

Fisker’s innovation has poised the company to stay ahead of the curve of high-performance electric vehicles as the world transitions to EVs, in search of a sustainable future. Car enthusiasts can grab a closer look at Fisker’s Grand Touring car, which is scheduled to be unveiled on August 3, 2023.  

Fisker Ronin

(Image Courtesy – Fisker Inc)

Fisker Ronin GT: Could It Be Tesla Model Y’s Rival?

Henrik Fisker teased an image of the Ronin and it simply oozes the charm of being a powerful performer. While the specifics of the electric sedan may not have been revealed yet, from Fisker Ronin’s range of 600 miles, it can be deduced that the performance potential is set high. The combination of a sleek, aggressive, and striking design, and the aerodynamic body harnessing an advanced powertrain, reiterates Fisker’s dedication to electric mobility.

The Ronin’s stunning range has been revolutionized by years of Fisker’s battery technology research. The 600 miles range makes it possible for users to traverse extensive journeys without agonizing over recharging. In terms of endurance, speed, range, and luxury, the Fisker Ronin has garnered acclaim for being designed to yield an unparalleled driving experience.

Henrik Fisker’s unveil professes that the Ronin possesses super-acceleration, paired with occupancy space for five people. The blend of pragmatism and power makes Fisker’s Ronin one of the best picks for drivers looking for speed topped with comfort.

Fisker Ronin’s battery pack will be integrated within its structure, much akin to Tesla Model Y. But one of the features that one up the Grand Touring car is the unique door mechanism which will facilitate better ingress and egress. The luxury of the Ronin GT is that it offers a sustainable vegan interior – an advanced design direction. The production of Fisker Ronin is slated to begin in the latter half of 2024.

Fisker’s Electric Vehicles: Ronin GT Is A Grand Touring Car

Apart from being hyped for the Ronin GT, Fisker’s latest addition to the EV market is the Fisker Ocean. The Ocean has amassed a range of up to 350 miles, whilst being priced very competitively, and is championed as a stylish eco-friendly SUV. 

The automaker has dubbed the Ocean SUV to be acclaimed for providing the lowest carbon footprint in its class.

Another future groundbreaking electric vehicle addition that Fisker will be unveiling soon is the Pear. Sporting an ultra-affordable price tag, the Pear is aimed to break the shackles of people with non-electric cars to elevate their adoption of electric vehicles.