Your daily commute made easier and faster with these popular ridesharing apps.

Silicon Valley startups have made everything much more comfortable and convenient for people. Not only have their offerings seeped into our lifestyle, but also changed ways in which we carry out life’s most mundane tasks. Ridesharing apps, for instance, help you travel from one place to another without burning a hole in your pocket. A recent research study predicted the commuting/ride-sharing market to boost to $218 billion by 2025. That’s a whole lot!

So why not dig into the ever-growing world of ridesharing apps and make one a part of your daily commute?

Best Ridesharing Apps You’ve Gotta Try!

These ridesharing apps do not just work as a mode of transport but also a way to save your time and money. One click, and you get to reach your destination with great facilities abiding the provided terms and conditions. Technowize gives you an elaboration of these excellent ridesharing apps.

1. Uber

One of the most popular commuting apps is the Uber app. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco, and the business currently spans 110 million worldwide users. The Uber commuting service rapidly garnered much popularity over the years and is a revolution in the transportation sector. Uber’s approach is known as “Uberisation,” as it is a super-efficient and convenient model for globally serving millions of people. The rideshare app of the service named UberPOOL was introduced way back in August 2014 and has been downloaded by millions worldwide.

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Use for: ride-sharing, efficient and convenient travelling


This ridesharing app service is headquartered in San Francisco and is an excellent car-sharing app that operates across 640 cities in the United States and around nine cities across Canada. The commuting business promises to offer an affordable and convenient travel experience. Users can book rides at discounted prices through the app. The best feature of the service is the short-waiting time for the driver.

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Use for: car-sharing, affordability, discounted rides and short-wasting time

3. Via

This commuting service is headquartered in New York and has branches across 20 countries globally. The service operates solo across six countries, and in the rest of the countries, the service is in partnership with local organizations. When a traveler books a ride through the app, the app instantly connects them with other commuters on the same route. This way, the car ride-sharing commuting app helps customers by sharing rides and reduces their carbon footprint.

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Use for: car-sharing and time saving

4. BlaBla Car

BlaBla Car is more of a business model. Through this ridesharing app, private vehicle owners can list their active vehicles in addition to the pick-up and drop-off information. If any passenger wishes to join them, they can request for the ride to share the expense. The app acts as a bridge between drivers and passengers, and it receives a 12% commission for every booking and rides completed. The app is perfect for saving both time and money.

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Use for: listing pick-up and drop-off location, sharing expense and saving time and money

5. Bridj

This app predominantly operates in Sydney and manages to gather passengers commuting in the same direction. It is an on-demand commute service and a new ride-sharing app that offers public transport buses for commuting from one place to the other. The app manages to route public transport to reach the passenger destination in time. It also encourages different commuters to walk to specific pick up points at a particular time. This, in turn, avoids delays for the commute.

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Use for: ride-sharing, time punctuality and avoiding delay

6. GoKid

This commuting app is headquartered in New York and operates across 25 countries. Through the app, commuters can book a ride for their kids with the families they trust the most. The commuting service is a brilliant venture for working parents. The best part about it is that parents take turns in driving kids to different places. The digital platform emphasizes safety by connecting parents and the families they know and trust to eliminate any risk of mishap.

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Use for: kid ride-sharing and safety

7. Hitch

The Hitch app offers commuting services between the places of Austin and Houston. The riders and drivers commuting to a similar destination are matched for sharing the ride through this app. Trips at Hitch start at $25. The app has emerged as one of the popular commuting tools in the areas it operates for its cost-saving feature and efficient services. The best part about Hitch is that it eliminates any pre-booking requirement for long trips.

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Use for: ride-sharing, cost-saving, eliminating pre-booking and excellent services