We don’t know if the FBI is always listening but we can tell you that the new Limitless AI pendant promises to listen wherever you go. “A personalized AI powered by what you’ve seen, said, or heard,” this new wearable meetings technology offers to transcribe your meetings on your personal devices and give you notes and a summary once you’re done with your recording. If you’re a college student struggling with taking notes or you’re put in charge of transcribing a meeting with a lot of fast talkers, the Limitless pendant technology could be a real game-changer for you. With a simple premise in mind and a history of success with the company’s previous app Rewind, there’s actually a lot of room for the device to find its use.

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Image: The Limitless AI pendant in Purple

Limitless AI Pendant Review—Does This Make You a Better or Worse Listener?

If Black Mirror has taught us anything—and it has taught us a lot—it’s that being able to rewind through your lived experience is not always a good idea, so we’re certainly a little apprehensive of the Limitless pendant technology. It gives you the power to record hours’ worth of audio content that you could loop back to later when you have the headspace for it. The Limitless app works on your laptop and smartphone to record audio from your mic and speakers, taking notes simultaneously as you go. Priced at $19 USD, the app is a good bargain for those who spend a lot of time in meetings and only need help running through those extensive sessions, but not necessarily in daily life.

For those who want to add some extra AI integration into their routine, the $99 USD Limitless AI pendant was just released for pre-order, and that is where the “wearable” meeting technology comes in. Available in eight colors—black, white, green, blue, purple, lime, pink, and a fancy iridescent—the device can be clipped onto your clothes or strung on a chain so you have it close to you on the go. Unlike the Humane AI pin, which requires a subscription to use, the Limitless pendant technology claims to work independently, which is a smart decision by the company. 

There is a “Limitless Pro” subscription though, where you gain access to additional features for $19 USD a month. Preorders are open and you should see the devices arrive in the fourth quarter of 2024. More specifically, the devices will begin shipping in August.

What is the Purpose of the Limitless AI Pendant?

“We create tools that augment—not replace—human intelligence with artificial intelligence to overcome the brain’s limitations. Improving memory and focus are just the beginning.”

The Limitless AI pendant has been advertised as a new form of wearable meeting technology and that does seem to be the primary use-case—tech to help with the pandemic of meetings. But the AI pendant for meetings can also do a lot more for your daily life according to the company. You can record elements of important conversations, whether it’s your friend giving you directions to an off-beat Sushi bar or your doctor providing you with options for your next course of action. It can also help with organizing your own thoughts, penning down your grocery list or a story idea for a crime novel you want to write someday.

On the face of it, the Limitless pendant technology could be very useful in making your day-to-day chores easier and giving you a chance to go hands-free without having to pick up your phone for every minor note you need to make. It might help you buy the perfect gift when you can rewind and review what your friend said she wanted in passing or give yourself speaking notes from the last time you were in charge of a client debrief. But the thought of wearing a listening device at all times seems too dystopian if we’re being honest. 

Limitless AI Pendant Review—What Are Some of the Noteworthy Features

If we’re looking at the specs of the Limitless AI pendant, it comes with the promise of a 100-hour battery life so you don’t have to worry about it losing charge on the go. With a durable aluminum body and a magnetic clasp, it seems quite effective at holding onto your clothes while the option to hang it around your neck gives you an alternate way to keep it close. It is also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, so connectivity should not be an issue. 

The device claims to be weatherproof but we have no information on its water resistance rating so we’ll have to take their word for it until it can be actually tested after its release. Keeping in line with trendy technology, the device also has an AI assistant that you can tap and hold to awaken, giving you everything the Humane AI pin does without the additional light projections on your palm. 

The hardware uses a multi-chip standalone hardware cryptographic appliance to ensure that the physical device is tamperproof. Paired with the “Confidential Cloud” and encrypted data keys, Limitless promises that the data that you record cannot be accessed by a third party. From everything we’ve learnt about the device so far, privacy for the user of the Limitless Pendant technology should not be an issue. What about the privacy of those around you?

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Introducing the Consent Mode

The biggest fear with normalizing a device like this is that people who are unfamiliar with such technology may not realize that the device clipped to your t-shirt is recording them. To address this issue, the Limitless AI pendant comes with a “consent mode.” The AI pendant uses voice identification to determine who is speaking and only records the device user. It continues this way until the verbal opt-in feature identifies that another speaker has given permission to be recorded. This is an ingenious use of technology and can make it much safer to use in external settings where those you interact with may not prefer to be a part of your records. 

Limitless appears to have covered all its bases with the use of the device and has addressed the reservations you might have about using such a product on the go. Taking the philosophy behind the Rewind app and driving it full force into the conception of Limitless, the company has introduced a product that genuinely applies AI in a way that benefits the user rather than blinding them with flashing mechanisms with a limited purpose.

We’ll have to wait till August to make a proper Limitless AI pendant review considering that while all the mechanics look great on paper, the actual performance of the device will depend on how effective the notes and transcription features are and how smoothly the consent mode works. We’re still hesitant to fully commit to this device becoming a part of our everyday life for the foreseeable future, but who knows, never say never.