Lately in the limelight, Apple announced two of its most powerful MacBook’s in its Cupertino-held event, the WWDC 2023. Apple’s Mac Studio and the new Mac Pro will be powered with the avant-garde M2 Ultra chipset. This feature lists the latest Mac Pro specifications for our zealously anticipating viewers. 

In the past four years, the release of the New Mac Studio by Apple marks the first major spruce-up for the company. The Mac Pro will be programmed with the more efficient and fierce Arm-powered Silicon in contrast to the Intel chipset of its predecessors, but will retain its idiosyncratic cheese-grater-like design.

The new Mac Studio and Mac Pro are milestones for Apple’s 2030 goal of making every product carbon neutral – every Mac created by Apple will have a net-zero impact on the climate. The two new Apple Macs have been designed with completely recycled rare earth elements in magnets and recycled gold plating tin soldering in circuit boards. Mac Pro and Mac Studio do not contain any traces of mercury and beryllium over being PVC-free while 95 percent of the packaging is based on fiber. 

Latest Mac Pro Specifications

The new Apple Mac Studio. Image Courtesy – Apple.

Apple is deliberately proving how it has revolutionized and why it leads the world of innovation with its iPhone, iPad, Macintosh, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

New Mac Studio by Apple

Apple’s Mac Studio powered by M2 Max and M2 Ultra is underrated for its power-packed performance. 

“The new Mac Studio and Mac Pro with Apple silicon are the two most powerful Macs we’ve ever made. Apple’s Mac Studio design has been a breakthrough at the hearts of thousands of home and pro studios across the world.”

The groundbreaking performance and wide connectivity are a massive leap for users coming from the previous generations. With M2 Ultra, the Mac Studio design is up to 3x-6x faster than its predecessors’ bandwidth. 

Mac Pro Brings Apple Silicon To The Table 

Curating a list of the latest Mac Pro specifications, the most distinctive feature of the Apple Mac Pro is that it completes the Mac transition to Apple silicon. This characteristic gives users an edge over the most capable lineup of Pro products that Apple has ever catered to.

The iMac Pro’s high performance is 3x faster than its predecessor model based in Intel. The Mac Pro supports a 32-core Neural Engine (NPU) for enhanced processing.

The base configuration of the new Mac Pro is equipped with 64GB of memory and a 1TB SSD storage capacity. Every Intel-based Mac Pro hosts a powerful 24-core CPU which can be configured up and a 76-core GPU. The new Mac Pro starts with twice the memory and SSD storage which can be configured up to 192GB memory with 800GB bandwidth of unified memory. This indicates the most advanced workstation graphics cards ever, after relying on almost seven Afterburner cards built in.

Features of iMac Pro: Versatility Of PCIe Expansion

For users who need to expand internally, the versatility of the Mac Pro is that it combines its PCIe slots with the most powerful chip.

The latest Mac Pro specifications help pros customize and push the limits of the expansion of their demanding workflows. 

Latest Mac Pro Specifications

Apple’s new Mac Pro. Image Courtesy – Apple.

The new Mac Pro flaunts a PCIe expansion for Apple silicon for professionals who desire the high-performance iMac Pro of M2 Ultra and require internal expansion for workflows. The Mac Pro can be customized with essential cards that support Gen 4 as it features 7 PCIe expansion slots which are 2x faster than before. 

Latest Mac Pro Specifications: Connectivity Powerhouse

The new Mac Pro boasts eight built-in Thunderbolt 4 ports – twice as many as before, helping for lightning-fast data transfers. It incorporates six Pro Display XDRs, three USB-A ports and two HDMI ports that are on a higher bandwidth for 8K resolution and up to 240Hz frame rates. The Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 support seamless wireless connectivity.  

The features of the iMac Pro are astounding with the combination of its stunning hardware and software optimization which enables maximum creativity and productivity for pros and seamless integration across the Apple ecosystem. 

The Mac Studio and the new Mac Pro are designed to take complete advantage of Apple silicon, being powered by the most advanced desktop operating system for breakthrough performance – macOS Ventura. 

Apple 12k Mac Pro Upgrade: Pricing

The new Mac Studio and Mac Pro are available to order on the official website or Apple Store app. The orders will start arriving at physical locations and authorized resellers from June 13, 2023, onwards. 

The price of Mac Studio starts at $1,999 and $1,799.

The Mac Pro is available in two enclosures – rack-mounted and tower. Mac Pro (Rack enclosure) is priced starting from $7,499 and $6,999 while the price of Mac Pro’s Tower enclosure is available starting from $6,599 and $6,999.