7th August 2019 is the date announced by Samsung as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch date. We can also expect to see the launch of a larger variant of the Galaxy Note 10 – the Galaxy Note 10 Pro or Galaxy Note 10+. The phones will be available for purchase starting 24th August.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Source: Samsung

Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 10 on August 7th’ 2019 at Barclay’s center in Brooklyn, New York. The company released a teaser video which gave a sneak peek into what the newest stylus pen would look like. Also revealed in the teaser is what looks to be the front camera notch that this Note will have.

Samsung has already sent out invites to the launch event, but till now, except anticipation, nothing concrete is known about the latest specs of the Galaxy Note 10. The new stylus pen with Bluetooth functionality is confirmed and the chances of this Galaxy Note featuring a quad-core lens is high.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is rumored to have the same Infinity- O Display that is present in the Galaxy S10. Other than the screen, we don’t expect to see many similarities between these two Samsung Galaxy flagship phones. The S10 features a camera sensor at one side of its body while the Note 10 is expected to sport a camera cutout at the center of the screen.

The grapevine is that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 10 in two different sizes and with different names. Early reports hinted at the arrival of a Galaxy Note 10+ or Galaxy Note 10 Pro along with the Note 10.

The Note 10 will have a 6.28-inches long display screen, whereas the Note 10 Pro or Note 10+ could have a screen length of 6.75-inches. Since this year is marked for the arrival of 5G Network, both the Galaxy models are expected to be 5G compatible. Finally, grapevine adds that the Note 10 will start in a 128GB size, while the Note 10 Pro will start at 256GB, rising to 1TB.

Considering that the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus both have in-display fingerprint sensors, it is highly likely that the Galaxy Note 10 will also use the same in-display fingerprint sensor as its biometric security system.

Even though the Samsung Bixby isn’t very favored, we can still expect the company to include it in the newest Note 10. Inside, the processor will most likely be the latest Qualcomm Processor – the Snapdragon 855. The Galaxy S line-up has at least 126 GB of storage, so the Note 10 would feature nothing less than that. Another addition could be the reverse wireless charging mechanism as found in the S10.

Talking about the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 10, we’ll have to look at the prices of the present Galaxy phones to get an idea. The Galaxy S10 has an $899.99 price tag for 128 GB, while the S10 Plus and S10 5G cost about $1000 and $1,299, respectively. So a $1000 price tag for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the minimum threshold. Looking at the history of Galaxy phone prices, the Note is usually more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S series.