Two Factor AuthenticationEarlier this month, after surprising users with multiple account features on a single platform, Instagram is now offering another massive feature to its apps, Two Factor Authentication.

Zuckerberg owned company features a massive user base of 400M, which includes celebrities, artists, and brands apart from general users. 

So, without having any second thoughts, it is surely a high time to add another high-level security interface to lock its doors, as Instagram accounts are highly prone to be the victim of hacking.

The growth of Instagram has attracted a significant amount of high-profile users, along with hackers who are trying hard to get an access to these leading accounts. Keeping with Kardashian famed Kris Jenner and iconic singer Taylor Swift are among the high-profile users who have suffered through their account’s temporary inaccessibility recently.

Instagram is the most well-known and major platform for picture sharing on social network. It also works as a source of bread and butter for some artists, and an addition of Two Factor Authentication is great news for them.Taylor Swift

After going through a series of the testing phase, which was initiated last year, finally, the Instagram accounts will be added with Two Factor Authentication, thus enhancing the security layers to safeguard them from hackers.

The latest security feature allows Instagram users to set a verified and authentic phone number that will be utilized to generate codes for verification, which must be inserted before logging into an Instagram account with username and password.

The Two Factor Authentication has been long overdue. Facebook, the parent company of Instagram has been using this security tool for more than four years. Other giant social networks, for instance, Snapchat and Twitter already offer this two layer security support for their users since quite a long time.

By overlooking such security addition, Instagram surely risked user privacy, which led to severe hacks that generated massive stress and financial losses.

Tiffany Cooper- Artist on Instagram

Image Credits: Screen Grab from Tiffany Cooper’s account- Artist on Instagram

A hacking attack can be highly annoying for a normal user as account recovery may relatively be tough, but a hacking scandal for celebrities and brands could rather turn into a nightmare by wasting promotional activities, chasing away followers, destroying the brand reputation, and severely damaging brand sales.

Luckily, there will be no more hassle with security as Instagram will be monitoring the latest authentication feature in order to make sure it is bug-free and simple to understand. As soon as the test is settled, every Instagram account will be updated with this two level security.

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