Disrupted sleep during the nights for a period of time – insomnia can now be taken care of technologically – using sleep apps. It is supposed this is not your first time of learning there are apps that will help you sleep. Perhaps you have been disappointed once or more trying some of the apps for sleep that didn’t work.

Aside from the fact that people experience the effect of sleep apps differently: could work easily or in the worst scenario serve as a distraction, including some rated best sleep apps, most of the apps for sleep are actually designed for specific sleep challenges. Some would help you monitor your sleep and suggest sleeping patterns/exercise that would help to improve your sleep, while some help with the mood. Without using the best insomnia apps relative to the reasons why you can’t get the Zzzzs, you’ll rather be distracting your chances trying with mismatched sleep app.

Apps for sleep are basically in two categories. You can either combine apps to achieve better sleeping results or discover the best insomnia apps designed for your specific challenge or sleep stages. For instance, insomnia caused by neurological diseases or allergies may not be taken care of using sleep apps that can easily help those dealing with clinical anxiety-caused insomnia.

On our list are the best insomnia apps for three different stages of sleep. These apps for sleep should help you deal with the sleep stage causing your insomnia.

Preparing to sleep –

Available on Android and iOS


Buddhify is a special app that can help you prepare your consciousness for sleep irrespective of your mood and what you are doing at the moment. The idea is to stimulate your body to sleep even if you don’t have time for meditation. The app features different categories of your possible mood and activity, all you need is to select your current world and Buddhify will locate you and induce sleep into your system. At this point, you may not necessarily be ready in full for a sleep. The categories consider when you are walking, traveling, using your phone, can’t sleep and more. Each session lasts for about 4 to 30 minutes. This sleep app also allows you to share your mindfulness with friends.

Sleep Apps_Buddhify

Buddhify Screenshot.

Falling asleep – Noisli

Available on Android and iOS

Price: $1.99

This app is to be used when you are falling asleep. It simply places you in a background where quality sounds will easily put you to sleep. Noisli has very natural sounds from thunderstorms, seaside, water streams, summer night, leaves, rain, white noise, fan, train, bonfire, water, brown noise, forest, and pink noise. You can equally combine the sounds to achieve a sound quality that will help you fall asleep easily. The sleep app has an adjustable timer that will turn the sound off after a while when you’re expected that have fallen asleep.

Sleep Apps_Noisli

Noisli Screenshot

Sleep tracking and waking up – Sleep cycle alarm clock

Available on Android and iOS

Price: Free

This app is one of the best apps for insomnia. We mostly wake up to alarms, sometimes with headaches because we were forced to wake while we were having a deep sleep. Sleep Cycle alarm clock is designed to analyze your sleep and wake you up when you are having a light sleep. The app tracks your sleep pattern and gives you the statistics and graphs on your time in bed which would aid you to improve your sleep.

Sleep Apps_Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Sleep Cycle alarm clock.