The saga of magical concept tech releases continues at Mobile World Congress 2024, and this time, we have the TECNO robotic dog to talk about. Yes, you heard that right, the company just designed a rechargeable robotic AI dog that can heed a few basic commands and keep you entertained while you go about your day. Is it something you absolutely need to improve your daily life? No, but not all technology has to be so cut and dry. Titled the Dynamic 1 robotic dog, the small device is exactly what Black Mirror’s Metalhead robot dogs had tried to scare us away from, but we’ve always been nothing but persistent in our pursuit of over-optimizing technology. The TECNO robotic dog’s price and commercial availability remain somewhat of a mystery as it’s unlikely that we’ll see a public release anytime soon, but it does flaunt the company’s current successes with AI and robotics.

The TECNO Robotic Dog Invites You To “Walk With the Future” (1)

Image: TECNO Mobile Limited via PR Newswire

What Is the TECNO Robotic Dog?

Inspired by German Shepherds, the Dynamic 1 robotic dog has a more realistic animal-like shape than the headless versions we’ve seen from other brands such as the Unitree Go2 or Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot Dog. Admittedly, those are designed to be more functional than decorative or entertaining, but we still wouldn’t go so far as to say that any of these are sufficiently dog-like to bring in the same comfort that a pet does. The TECNO robo dog has been created with the purpose of acting like our furry favorites, designed to act as a companion rather than a warehouse tool or workplace colleague. 

The Dynamic 1 robotic dog can go up and down the stairs, jump, shake hands, do a handstand, and wiggle like a playful dog trying to grab your attention. The device can be controlled by a smartphone app or through AI voice commands, which is a very significant application of the human-machine interaction that is being researched globally today. 

What Are the Dynamic 1 Robotic Dog Specs?

Boasting “cutting-edge biomorphic design,” the robotic AI dog is equipped with an AI Hypersense Fusion System powered by an 8-core high-performance ARM CPU that allows it to function and respond to commands successfully. The metal canine has Intel RealSense D430 depth camera modules that allow it to navigate environments, paired with binocular and infrared sensors that enhance its capabilities. Its torque output of 45 Newton meters per kilogram is what makes it so mobile, allowing it to climb and bend its limbs in response to commands. Additionally, the robot dog has rapid post-fall recovery features and a 3.7 m/s top speed, according to the press release put out by the company.

The TECNO robotic dog features a 15,000mAh battery which guarantees 90 minutes of uninterrupted functioning. Once the time runs out, you can recharge the robot’s batteries—we haven’t yet learnt of its charging speeds—and swap out the rechargeable batteries for an uninterrupted experience. The device has a headlight light-up system which can act as indicators when you interact with the Dynamic 1 robotic dog, and this system can also light up its path as it moves around. The TECNO robotic dog specs include 64GB storage space as well as Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 connection capabilities, which should allow for a stable performance and reliable reactivity consistently. 

There isn’t too much information available on just how the “AI” element has been integrated into the robot other than recognizing a few commands, nor do we know the full capabilities of the sensors available on the device. This is about the extent of what is known about the specifications of the robotic AI dog, which isn’t much to be fair. 

What Is the TECNO Robotic Dog Priced At?

What Is the TECNO Robotic Dog Priced At?

The TECNO robotic dog leaves a lot of room for conversations about the “hows” and the “whys” of the device, but it seems the company just wanted to use the MWC stage to show its potential with such tech rather than release a final product. There is no word out on the TECNO robotic dog price point as it seems unlikely that the company will release the robot for commercial use anytime soon. There could be room in the far future for a launch, but currently, the robotic AI dog seems to be a prototype more than anything. 

We understand why, considering the extremely limited application of the robo-dog right now. While it sounds like a fun gadget, it seems more like an occasional-use device that will sit gathering dust after the initial novelty of playing with it wears off. Considering the battery will have to be swapped out every few hours and that it has a limited range of functions, it won’t necessarily feel like a real companion just yet. You likely won’t find yourself snuggling with your new pet or watching it to see what it does considering it may not necessarily move around like an animal with a mind of its own. That’s not to say we want an independent, thinking robot running around our homes, but we do understand the reservations about releasing the TECNO robotic dog immediately. 

Is the Robotic AI Dog All We Saw from TECNO at the MWC 2024 Event?

Is the Robotic AI Dog All We Saw from TECNO at the MWC 2024 Event?

While the Dynamic 1 robotic dog was an undeniable attention-grabber, TECNO unveiled a whole range of other concept products that showcased their work. TECHNO also showcased an AR gaming set, the TECHNO Pocket GO and the TECNO Smart Box, designed for an immersive 6D gaming experience. Riding the hype train currently on the move because of the Apple Vision Pro headset, the Pocket Go console was paired with their AR Pocket Vision headset for the actual augmented visual experience. The Pocket Go features an AMD Ryzen 7 8840HS processor and has 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM paired with a 1TB PCle 4.0 SSD storage solution. 

Claiming competition-grade controller configurations, the Pocket Go is supposed to be the world’s smallest AR handheld device. The console and glasses could be purchased separately, but the AR Pocket Vision glasses are meant to be the display for this handheld console so a joint purchase is your best bet for a truly immersive experience. The console looks more like an Xbox controller rather than a Steam Deck handheld console with a screen, so it’s definitely a unique concept that could do really well in the ever-burgeoning gaming industry. Again there is no information on the Pocket Go price or availability but we’re more excited for this release than TECNO’s robotic dog.

The company also unveiled the PHANTOM Ultimate rollable screen smartphone that has a double-sided display and an ultra-slim 9.93mm thick design. The device was previously teased in August last year, but TECNO provided another teaser for the device this time. From the TECNO robotic dog to the AR console and headset, we’re obsessed with the work the company is doing right now, and can’t wait to see these products out on the market. With the innovative ideas behind their products, the company could do quite well once these products are finally out. For those who want a robot dog sooner rather than later, Xiaomi’s CyberDog 2 from 2023 was also shown off at MWC Barcelona and this one can do backflips. As per reports, this can be purchased online for $3,000 USD so it’s more of a reality than the TECNO robotic dog is for now.