Cloud Computing is embraced by major industries nowadays; especially by the automotive industry. This technology will change the entire industry as well as the driving experience.

The forecast for market of cloud computing is most likely to grow from $13.5 billion to $32.8 billion, in between the years 2011 – 2016, with a CAGR of 19.5% ; as predicted by cloud-based business application services and SaaS’ Centaur Partners’ analysis.

According to the market forecast predicted by Cisco, by the year 2018, SaaS workloads will be 59 % of total cloud workloads, IaaS will be 28% of total and in the end PaaS will be 13% of total workloads.

Cloud Computing in Automation Industry

There is a transition phase going on in global manufacturing, especially when it comes to the automotive industry. Everything in this sector changes according to the current demand going in the market. As the industries are expanding their capabilities, entering unexplored segments of markets and adding new efficiencies. It faces challenges in the form of growing complexities, troubles and managing costs of IT assets. Cloud is the answer to such automotive sector concerns.

The automotive manufacturers rely on ever increasing IT for smooth working of their supply chains and handling dealer network. The cloud is unavoidable here. It can help the industry in becoming more adaptable to the market demands and turn more flexible according to logistical needs and demands. Cloud can help in optimizing cost effective supply chain for unexpected and sudden growth. It provides elasticity in terms of cost and availability of supply in the future.

The basic idea behind using the cloud-based services in the automotive industry is just starting to get high, providing inspiration for potential future innovations in the field of vehicle design.

Cloud computing is a term for a vast category of technical services related to technology. The cloud computing is used to describe the distribution of data through via wireless networks and the internet.

The debate in today’s world concentrates on the types of services that can be provided and how this kind of remote data could be accessed. Cloud computing is needed more and more in the development of hi- tech cars over more than a decade.

How cloud computing benefits automation?

The small center control in the cloud computing method assists in better automotive engineering. Vehicles get a slimmer control board with more leg room space because less hardware and many data outsourced to the remote server will eventually slimmer the dash.

The financial investment of the driver and car’s value of insurance is the other benefit of computing based on the cloud. The small amount of expensive data storage in the vehicle might decrease the price of computerized cars.

  • Cloud can improve the GPS and Navigation systems.
  • It helps in improving fuel efficiency through traffic news.
  • It enhances the tracking of a vehicle.
  • It enhances entertainment and infotainment.
  • Applications based on cloud provide help for a variety of functions like securing and organizing data, tasks coordination, communication with customers, financial functions that are critical and so on.
  • The development of cloud application can sort out all task of management related to automotive industry.
  • Apart from benefits like handling tasks and data with efficiency; it can help in collaboration and securing data easier.
  • Cloud services for convenience.
  • The data that cloud applications maintain to a vehicle is part of an idea which includes a seasonal maintenance; this can also enable great hardware features for car.