With Artsy app on your phone or tablet, you don’t need to guess how the wall art or painting would look on your wall space while they are still at the stores. Artsy app lets you to virtually hang them on the wall to see how they look. Whether it’s a painting or photograph you’re considering to enlarge, all that’s required is the dimensions and you’ll virtually see how they fit on the wall.

Available on iOS and built for Apple’s latest version of ARKit, Artsy is a new augmented reality app that lets you access and virtually mount all forms of arts on any wall. This includes drawings, paintings, prints, photographs, etc. Artsy is developed with access to art marketplace catalogues with over 800,000+ artworks.

Just like augmented reality apps from IKEA, Houzz and it kinds which allow buyers to access how their living space would look with furniture, Artsy app is built to provide art collectors with the confidence that the Pablo Picasso they’re admiring will bring the exact beauty sitting at their dining room.

This week has featured other art companies launching AR tools since the release of Apple’s latest ARKit. An app with the same feature as Artsy was also launched by Saatchi Art, regarded as the world’s leading art gallery, on Thursday.

More than five thousand galleries, auction houses, and museums are featured in Artsy’s collection. And the app is freely available for art buyers that just want to virtually check out different arts before buying.

“People say, how do you know what that art is going to look like in your home?” says Artsy CEO and founder, Carter Cleveland. “This is a good way to approximate that as closely as possible using the latest technology.”

According to Cleveland, Artsy “worked closely” with Apple to ensure that the app’s AR worked perfectly. Art collectors using iPhones with the newly released ARKit are able to virtually hang Henri Matisse painting on their office wall. The only requirement is some patience with the technology and bright walls to get the app working. Once succeed with virtually hanging the artwork, you can hold the phone and move around to view from different angles. Also, you can search for so many art pieces, with those supporting AR feature open for virtual hanging and others with readable information and bidding option.

Unlike other AR art apps, Artsy scales the artwork automatically and places paintings directly on the wall, not floating with space in front of the wall, Cleveland said.

It seems that the technology requires some time to become valued as a way of evaluating artworks, but the potential is surely going to be great. Someday art collectors buying a multi-million million dollar Leonardo da Vinci painting will insist on the use of AR technology to access how it fits on the wall.

“I think people are going to look back, and wonder how they used to buy art without this,” Cleveland said.