It is not an exaggeration when we say that AI is the biggest thing of the present and future. With numerous benefits in its kitty, many companies and internet-based ventures are moving towards AI, i.e. Artificial Intelligence. When we rewind to the early 90’s AI was like a new toy held in the hands of millennials. Fast forward to 2017 and there are many AI powered companies and tasks solely based on these systems. How do you think tasks like mobile check-ins, mobile bookings, online shopping, bulk newsletters, and many others are possible? There is just one answer – Artificial Intelligence systems and algorithms.

AI is nothing but the power of human brain wired into computers and machines. It is noted in history and researches worldwide that till date mankind has not fully utilized the potential of a human brain. This means that there is a vast scope of horizon for AI to improve and advance with even better systems. At the Venture Beat’s recent MobileBeat2017, some companies showed how they are gearing up with latest features. These companies are preparing for more competitive AI upgrades making things easier and more user-friendly.

AI Powered Companies Gearing Up for the Future


Everyone knows about this highly famous MNC of America that develops and hosts various markets on its portal. Yelp is one of those AI powered companies that uses machine learning for improving interactions between its hosted businesses and customers. Venture Beat reports that its machine learning technology feeds almost 35,000 messages.

It also uses machine learning to filter and verify the content on its portal for authentic reviews. Yelp’s latest feature is about requesting a quote from any business. This is also an AI powered feature making sure that an xyz business matches a request by the user.

 Mezi Chatbot

ai powered companies

Mezi is an app which already uses Artificial Intelligence for helping its users with flight searches and other things. At the MB2017 this company announced Mezi for Business. With the latest announcement, Mezi aims at more efficient and productive service. Also, this new service is specially targeted for the corporate travel representatives and travel agents. Moreover, the service also uses intelligent algorithms for travel booking, travel management, etc.

Swapnil Shinde, at the MB2017 said that they are going all-in on travel. Shinde is the CEO and the Founder of Mezi.


For the travel and adventure enthusiasts, GoPro doesn’t need any introduction. GoPro is also launching a new feature known as Quik Stories. This new feature allows the users to film and edit their videos; that too without any need to watch the whole footage of the same. One tap and the feature automatically generates stories of the best moments.

How is this possible? Well, the answer is AI. Various algorithms analyze and search the footage for the best content. After finding the best moments it syncs the same with music to generate a one tap video.