One of the major weaknesses of Apple’s new headset is the lack of app integration, but unlike competitors who have been slow to make it happen, a TikTok Apple Vision Pro app has now been announced. The Vision Pro had intended to change how we interact with technology entirely and one aspect of it was intended to be how we interact with the apps and media elements we use every day. For this to happen effectively, it was up to the app owners and developers to redesign their apps for integration into the Vision Pro’s interface, and TikTok appears to be among the first to seek an Apple Vision Pro integration for its customers. The company teased the TikTok Vision Pro app launch last month but we hadn’t seen any updates about it until the recent announcement. A YouTube Vision Pro app was also said to be in the works but we have no launch date set for when we might see the app arrive.

TikTok Takes the Lead, Launches a Native Vision Pro App for its Users

Apple Vision Pro users may be returning the headsets in droves but they also might be calling it quits a little too soon on a device that has only begun to establish itself on the market. It will take some time to build an ecosystem around it.

Announcing the TikTok Apple Vision Pro App

Redesigning an app for a new interface is more complex than just migrating it to a new platform—it requires significant tweaking for a new level of interactability, especially when developed for a VR headset. So far, users have only been able to view the app on the headset through the Safari browser, and using apps that way is never fun—browsers are rarely able to handle all of the app features in a way that is comfortable for users. TikTok Apple Vision Pro app looks very similar to the original Andriod and iOS app in terms of where all the interactive elements on the screen are placed, from the share, comment, like, save icons, and where you can see the creator’s name on the screen. The vertical scrolling format also remains unchanged.

TikTok Takes the Lead, Launches a Native Vision Pro App for its Users

Image: TikTok

The upgrade with the TikTok Vision Pro app, however, is the way the company has taken advantage of the wider screen space. Smartphones have limited screen space as a result, the entire space is filled up by the TikTok player’s video. In the Apple Vision Pro TikTok version, there is enough space for the video player as well as room next to it for the comments to be displayed at a go. It’s no secret that many users allow videos to loop in the background while scrolling through the comments, so the new design is likely to ensure engagement and keep users on the app for longer. 

“I’m really proud of my team for this one. While many app developers have ditched the Apple Vision Pro, my team has redesigned the entire TikTok experience from the ground up! This was a master-class in product development and I’m certain most other big tech companies wouldn’t have been able to turn it around the way we did. Excited to share the details with you over the next few weeks.”

—Ahmad Zahran, Product Leader at TikTok announced the  TikTok Vision Pro app three weeks ago on LinkedIn. 

TikTok Takes the Lead, Launches a Native Vision Pro App for its Users (2)

Image: TikTok

Additionally, the TikTok Apple Vision Pro app allows the video creator’s profile to open up to the right as well, which could mean more engagement for each individual TikTok creator. The TikTok search page also expands out to be much wider over the TikTok Vision Pro app, allowing users to see more at a glance. The changes might not be massive but it does ensure a more customized experience for Vision Pro customers who just want to sit back and scroll through the app for a bit. 

Is an Official YouTube Vision Pro App Coming Soon?

While the TikTok player has been formalized, the list of other applications on the device seems to be expanding pretty nicely The YouTube Vision Pro app is one that seems to be in progress with the aim of spatial compatibility, as the company confirmed that the app was on their roadmap. What’s interesting here is that instead of waiting for the official app from YouTube to drop, Cristian Selig, developer of the Apollo Reddit app, launched his own version of the YouTube app for the Apple Vision Pro after a week of the device’s launch. The 5$ Juno app is currently available to Vision Pro users who want an enhanced YouTube viewing experience on their new headsets. While the app isn’t perfect and only allows single window support, TechCrunch reports that Selig is working on bringing multiple spatial window support soon along with a few other features like caption controls and new immersive environments. It’s impressive what developers are capable of when they have the freedom to experiment.

Is an Official YouTube Vision Pro App Coming Soon

Image: Cristian Selig’s Juno visionOS app for YouTube

Do not be mistaken in thinking that the Vision Pro only has one or two apps on the device right now—the headset is reportedly compatible with over 1.5 million apps that are already functional on iOS. The difference here is that not all of them come with enhanced features that take full advantage of the spatial capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro VR headset. Disney+, Zoom, Crunchyroll, Webex, Microsoft, Amazon Prime Video, MUBI, Max, Notion, etc. are already designed to have native compatibility with the headset. There are reportedly over 1000 spatial apps that have been designed, already a higher number than the 600 that were reportedly just a little earlier.

Some companies have been holding out on the Vision Pro for their own reasons, Netflix being a major name in the group of naysayers. Users will be forced to turn to the ever-present browser and stream content through the page the same way they would have on their Macs. Reports indicate that the iPad app for Netflix could also work, but there is going to be no effort from the company to bring 3D streaming to the VR headset the way Disney+ has. Netflix co-CEO Greg Peters attributed this to the device being so subscale that it wasn’t really necessary for most of their members. He stated, “We have to be careful about making sure that we’re not investing in places that are not really yielding a return, and I would say we’ll see where things go with Vision Pro.” It’s not a permanent “no” for the company, but they seem uninterested in the device for now.

Spotify is also going to be holding out on Vision Pro users, the company also recommends a web browser experience to its customers. It’s quite likely that the large chunk of those investing in the Apple Vision Pro will also be Apple Music loyalists so we understand why the company might see little reason to make the investment in an already niche category of the Vision Pro clientele. 

What Else Is the Company up to Other than the Apple Vision Pro TikTok App?

TikTok taking the leap to design the TikTok Apple Vision Pro native app is no surprise; the company can always be spotted in the most unexpected places, doing a variety of different things to find its footing in new spaces. We recently heard that the company was set to be the biggest sponsor for the MET Gala this year. The theme is “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” with “The Garden of Time” being the dress code. Just an interesting place for TikTok to invest. In more predictable news, TikTok also played its hand at the AI game, announcing its Creative Assistant in Adobe Express for both free and paid users. With insights from TikTok and brainstorming assistance, creators will be better equipped to create content that can be fed back into the TikTok ecosystem, bringing in more users to the platform.

The TikTok Apple Vision Pro integration is a good decision for both Apple and TikTok and should help improve the user experiences for those who have invested in the Vision Pro headset. How critical this collaboration is will be hard to estimate but it does seem like a step in the right direction.