Do you ever feel like your cat is a secret agent, sneaking around undetected? Well, the Tile cat tracker is here to help you solve the mystery! Thanks to the Tile and Life360 collaboration, pet owners can now easily keep tabs on their feline friends with the Tile Life360 cat tracker. According to the company, the Tile cat collar tracker is a purrfect solution for those tricky disappearances, as it offers a range of up to 250 feet and a battery life of up to three years. And with the Tile Bluetooth cat tag, you can even track down your kitty with the help of voice assistants like Siri and Alexa! So whether your cat is hiding under the bed or on a secret mission, the Tile pet tracker has got you covered. Here’s all you need to know if you don’t want to let your furry friend go off the radar.

Tile for Cats: The newest addition to the Tile pet tracker lineup

Tile, the Bluetooth-based tracker owned by Life360, has launched its first pet product, “Tile for Cats,” a modified version of the Tile Sticker with a silicone collar attachment. The new device, priced at $39.99, offers a low-cost Bluetooth-based tracking solution for cat owners, with a battery that can last for up to three years. The Tile cat collar tracker has a 250-foot (76.2-meter) range and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Tile Cat Tracker

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The Tile cat tracker package includes a Tile Sticker and a collar attachment that can stretch up to 1.7 times without breaking and is water-resistant. Tile pet tracker can help cat owners track down a missing pet or find a hiding cat in an obscure place. It can be integrated with voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant so users can easily find their cat using voice commands.

Tile and Life360 collaboration is a clever ploy by Tile to offer a low-cost Bluetooth-based tracking solution for a specific niche. Tile for Cats is more expensive than Apple’s $29 AirTag, but it comes with a collar attachment, whereas AirTag requires the purchase of another product to attach it to a pet collar. While AirTag leverages Apple’s vast network of 2+ billion iPhones and other Apple devices worldwide, Tile for Cats has a smaller “finding network” limited to Life360’s user base.

Tile’s entry into the pet product market is a result of its acquisition by family tracking app Life360, which considers pets part of the “family.” The Tile Life360 cat tracker is a great addition to the Tile lineup and offers pet owners an affordable option to keep track of their furry friends.

The Tile Bluetooth cat tag is a convenient and low-cost solution for cat owners who want to keep their pets safe and secure. Tile for Cats is available in black and white on