Rumblr CHAT

Tinder-esque RUMBLR app

This is the kind of dialog that goes on in the new app called Rumblr, which can be used to set up brawls with strangers.

We’re not kidding. Take a look at the pitch on the official website: “Rumblr is an app for recreational fighters to find, meet, and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby. It encourages users to insult their matched opponents with this pro-tip: tell your match what you don’t like about their picture.”

Tinder-esque RUMBLR App

Rumblr app is basically like Tinder, except that instead of getting to meet people on dates, you get to meet a recreational fighting partner and beat the shit out of them for no apparent reason. Brawl enthusiasts can set up their profile where they can put in their stature, combat experience, skill level and wins and losses. Once your profile is set up, they can swipe left to seek out a worthy opponent. If you come across someone whose skill levels match, you can tap the ‘Fight’ button and request a showdown. The recreational fighting app comes with a chat tool for fighters for a little trash talking that could help them get in the fighting mood. It also offers a mapping function to show where fights and fighters are located. The location for fights is publicly broadcasted so non-fighters can come and watch. One can even filter to show only gang fights with “RumblrGROUP” or “RumblrHER” for girl fights.


Rumblr app creators do not plan on installing makeshift rings all over the country to meet the demands of brawl enthusiasts. Although with a premium account, fighters may get to fight at professional venues.

A beta version of the app is all set to launch on Nov. 9, at 5 p.m. EST. Currently, the website getrumblr lets people sign up on a waiting list for early access. Beta invites have been offered to around 2,000 early birds out of 78,000 who have signed up for beta access.

The app’s team operates out a coworking space in New York, according to its website.

The fighting app creators claim Rumblr is 100% real. They have already raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from private investors. It looks like the people behind the Rumblr app simply want to build a large community of recreational fighters. Although, monetization efforts on the site could benefit with good advertisements from anger management therapists or first-aid supplies.