The latest software update by Apple was met with a lot of excitement before its launch but as people are using it on a regular basis, the criticism is pouring in. The new layout of the Control Center seemed appealing during the installation but users realized that looks are not enough. It also requires technological efficiency to keep up with the design of the software. This is where the latest iOS 11 lacks in certain spheres. A number of complaints about certain bug issues have been cropping up in the software update. One of these is the issue of the iOS 11 Wi-Fi problems.

The iOS 11 Wi-Fi problems include issues that hinder your connection with any Wi-Fi source. On the first look, it comes across as your inefficiency in connective the device or the lack of strength in the Wi-Fi signal. But when these problems took place repeatedly, that is when users figured that the problem is with the software update and not the Wi-Fi connection. In case you have already installed the update, then here we are providing few ways to fix iOS 11 Wi-Fi problems. If you haven’t installed it yet, make sure you have a backup of all the data. This is a precautionary measure in case something goes wrong in the process.

iOS 11 Wi-fi problems

The iOS 11 Wi-Fi problems include issues that hinder your connection with any Wi-Fi source.

How to fix iOS 11 Wi-Fi problems

The internet has become such an inevitable part of our lives that in its absence, we tend to become impatient. This is what can happen when you are facing the iOS 11 Wi-Fi problems on your iPhone or iPad. At such a time, maintain your cool and follow some simple steps. In case you are having trouble with connecting your device to the Wi-Fi connection, first, try switching off the Wi-Fi and turning it on once again. Restarting is a solution to a number of problems. After this, reset the power settings of your Apple phone. This can be done by pressing the lock screen and the home button together. Keep these buttons pressed till you see the Apple logo on your screen.

If none of these options work, try resetting your network settings. This can be done by going to the settings and tapping on the option of Reset Network Settings. After doing so, put in your Wi-Fi password to connect it once again. This will help you curb the iOS 11 Wi-Fi problems. If none of these options work for your benefit, we have a last resort as well. You can either carry out a clean install of the software update through your iTunes account. If not this, erase all the content settings from the settings option. Try these options till Apple comes up with another update focusing on bug fixes.