Multitasking is a common skill-set required at a professional as well as personal level. People are swamped with tasks – urgent, important, mundane, recurring, and scheduled – at all times. How uplifting can it be if there is a personal manager or productivity apps to make notes of everything we need to do?

Like every other problem in life, there’s a solution to this situation too. There are several productivity apps available on online stores that can elevate your time management and organization skills.

Since a majority of us already spend too much time on the phone, it should not be a great deal to download productivity apps on the device. They can literally do the smart work and reduce your busywork lifestyle. So, download these top productivity apps on your phone right now to organize and create a balance between your work and personal life.

All-in-One Top Productivity App: Evernote

While discussing smart work management skill, there are two things on the plot: first is types of tasks and second, the time allotted to each task type.

Evernote is one of the top productivity apps that does everything one wants to accomplish through a digital assistant. It’s a one-stop destination to type notes, handwrite ideas, add attachments, make a to-do list, clip web pages, scan documents and record audio messages.

The universal app also facilitates to create multiple notebooks and tags, set alarm and search files and PDFs. Evernote is available on both Android and iOS and it easily syncs information across devices – mobiles and desktops.

Top productivity apps

There are several productivity apps available on online stores that can elevate your time management and organization skills. Source: Wunderlist

Best Productivity App for Team Collaboration: Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud-based central app to access, share, and send files and boost the efficiency of teamwork. It’s one of the earliest document-sharing platforms that revolutionized the concept of modern team collaboration. And it still is one of the best productivity tools out there.

One can instantly read, review and edit the documents shared among the team members, plus view inputs from other members too. This feature’s optimal use is when team members from remote locations brainstorm on an agenda, especially useful for tech companies. One can also share large files, presentations, and Photoshop files directly or through a link.

Dropbox is easily the best productivity app for a modern office design. It syncs files across devices and hence one can access them from anywhere at any time. With this app on your phone, always remain ready for a team meeting on the go!

Top Productivity App for Break Time: Pocket

While keeping up with modern demanding lifestyle, we really want to make productive use our leisure time also. That’s where the Pocket app will play an integral role in your daily routine, in fact, you may get addicted to this app.

You can save links to websites, images, articles, videos directly from your browser to the Pocket. What’s more, this app is integrated into over 1500 apps including YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Flipboard, allowing users to save videos, threads or job postings directly so they can later view it on their mobile, tablet or desktop.

No other app can beat this functionality of the Pocket and allow you to enjoy your break time while also being productive.

Best Productivity App for Planning Daily Routine: FocusList

FocusList is a Pomodoro technique-based app that allows one to plan the daily tasks and focus on time management. So how does this Pomodoro technique work?

Firstly, list out all the tasks you want to accomplish in a day. If there are more complicated tasks to be done then divide them into smaller activities. Estimate the best time to finish each task.

Once you’ve created a list of smaller activities, the FocusList app will let you help move ahead step by step. Pick up a single task from the list, work on it for 25 minutes and then a take a five-minute break to review the work done in last 25 minutes.

FocusList is one of the top 2018 time management apps that lets you introspect the whole-day activities with the help of in-built time-tracker feature.

Top Productivity App for iOS: OmniFocus

OmniFocus is easily one of the most popular, trusted and top productivity apps available on the iOS platform. This year the premium app celebrated 10 years of its existence in the App Store.

OmniFocus uses David Allen’s tested method of productivity – Getting Things Done (GTD). It allows you to create a To-do list on the basis of due dates. You can also organize tasks by person name i.e. the task allotted to an individual. Furthermore, one can add tags and set reminders with reference to location and arrival time, which is pretty clever.

Best Productivity App Wandering Across Platforms: Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a cloud-based productivity app which is designed to sync your ‘life’- that’s how the developer likes to describe it.

Wunderlist is a highly rated productivity app that allows beginning a conversation among family members about a holiday or discussing an important project with a colleague. You can set the due date as well as reminder time for a specific task and tick off accomplished activity. The app categories tasks under big customizable labels such as groceries, shopping, vacation, home and many more and save them in folder format. In case there are multiple jobs residing in different folders that are due for the present day, the app consolidates that list under the tab titled ‘Today’. That makes the user’s task easier to manage!

Wunderlist is available for iOS, Android, Google Chrome, Kindle, macOS, Windows, Apple Watch, Microsoft.

Top Productivity App for Mail Management: Newton

So you have a separate e-mail ID for business, personal, online shopping, and freelance projects. One can add this array of e-mail IDs with a single mail ID, but will it make the work easy, organized and less chaotic?

Don’t worry, the Newton app, an e-mail management application is designed to rescue you from this tangle of emails. This app will gather emails from various platforms including Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows, and track them for you without putting any extra efforts.

The highlight of Newton app is it notifies a user about who, when and where read the sent mail. It also set reminders on follow up emails so nothing goes unnoticed. This e-mail-based best productivity app also allows you to save emails on Todoist, Evernote or Trello with a single click.

Best Productivity App to Manage Online Security: LastPass

Isn’t ‘safeguarding your multiple online accounts from data leakage’ the need of the hour? LastPass is among the top productivity apps that ease out your work while logging into a clutter of online sites.

LastPass is a password manager that encrypts passwords and stores them online. The developer reassures that this private data is hidden even from them.

The user simply needs to fill in the data for a specific website and it’s available whenever needed. It aids to generate random strong passwords with the inbuilt process. The password manager app also digitally secures payment details and shipping details and auto-fills them.

Top Productivity App for Collaborative Assignment: Trello

Trello app uses boards, lists, and cards to organize the office projects, make a grocery list or just write a blog. One can work on these tasks single-handedly or collaborate with friends, colleagues or family members.

While working in a team, the user can also assign a task to oneself or a team member in the Trello app itself. Similarly, people can comment on a particular event in the to-do list from various operating systems including Wear OS.

This productivity app allows uploading picture and videos along with attaching files directly from Google Drive and Dropbox.

Best Productivity App Connecting Devices: Pushbullet

Last but not the least, Pushbullet is an incredible app to connect your desktop and mobile devices. It removes the need to switch from one gadget to another and hence boosts productivity in unlimited ways.

Basically, Pushbullet allows one to read and reply to the WhatsApp messages, social media notifications, emails on the desktop screen. The users can also transfer files/movies and share links between the devices.

The app is compatible across varied platforms including Android, iOS, macOS, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Windows, and Firefox.