These days, podcasts are in vogue. While driving or lying on a couch, people tune in to podcasts. Though there are ample of audio streaming platforms, Spotify happens to lead the charge with close to 200 million subscribers around the world. Out of the wide range of interesting topics, tech podcasts on Spotify has successfully managed to strike a chord with a large number of listeners across the globe. However, if you are new to this realm of new-age media, it could be a bit problematic to come across the top Spotify podcasts on tech. Hence, as always Technowize is here to help you out. Presenting you the bingeworthy tech podcasts on Spotify – our expert team has curated this list after considering many important aspects like, unique theme, proper scheduling, informative quotient and most importantly authenticity & credibility. Let’s tune in to some of the best podcasts on Spotify related to tech. Here we go!

Top Spotify Podcasts on Tech

Spotify contains some of the most fascinating bingeworthy tech podcasts.


  • Genre: Tech-masters, Tech Brands, Effects of Tech in Our Lives 

Spearheaded by Jonathan Strickland, TechStuff has scaled great heights over the years to enjoy being one of the most popular tech podcasts on Spotify. It provides useful insights from the field of technology through an impeccable presentation mastered by Jonathan Strickland. Having a decent frequency of 3-4 podcasts per week, TechStuff sheds light on masters behind the tech and brands which are involved in marketing any sort of tech. Strickland also explores the interesting study of tech products impacting our lives. It’s surely one of the bingeworthy tech podcasts you will find on Spotify.

  • Running time of each episode: 20-40 minutes

Over the Air

  • Genre: IoT

‘Over the Air – IoT, Connected Devices, & the Journey’ appears simply over the top as it happens to be an absolute rarity among the top Spotify podcasts on tech. The fact that it offers inside stories right from the horses’ mouth – executives sharing unfiltered experiences of their respective IoT journeys, has turned out to be its USP. Over the Air indeed serves as a great learning tool for the newbies who have just started to explore the IoT industry, as they get the chance to become enriched from the seasoned professionals and industry experts. Undoubtedly, Over the Air remains one of the most effective tech podcasts on Spotify. However, for every new podcast, you have to wait for two weeks.

  • Running time of each episode: 25-35 minutes

Darknet Diaries

  • Genre: Dark Web 

Considering the immense popularity, Darknet Diaries is certainly one of the top Spotify podcasts on tech. The show attempts to unearth the hidden gems and the story behind them, from the techverse. From digital robberies and hacktivism to data breaches and government cyber-operations – fascinating stories from the dark side of the web, unfurl in an exciting manner. Often considered as the frontrunner so far as the bingeworthy tech podcasts available on Spotify are concerned, Darknet Diaries keep you hooked and brings on a new episode at the interval of every two weeks.

  • Running time of each episode: 30-110 minutes
Best Podcasts on Spotify

These top Spotify podcasts on tech, can be a great companion while you are on a long drive or simply lying on your couch.

Back to Work

  • Genre: Tech, Productivity, Tools, Communication, Work  

Hosted by the terrific duo of Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin, Back to Work is an award-winning podcast 565 episodes in its kitty till date. Apart from technology, this odds-on-favorite among the tech podcasts on Spotify, also comes up with episodes on a host of other topics like, productivity, tools, communication, work and much more. Every week, a brand-new episode is up for grabs.

  • Running time of each episode: 60-95 minutes


  • Genre: Tech Gadgets 

Marques Brownlee, who is more famous as MKBHD, dons the hat of the host in this gem of a tech podcast. For the uninitiated, MKBHD is a renowned YouTuber and has been one of the most popular content creators on the platform, over more than a decade. From the latest smartphones to electric cars, Waveform unravels everything what a tech-nerd craves for – stuff that dreams are made of. Rated among the top Spotify podcasts on tech, Waveform mints a new episode every week.

  • Running time of each episode: 25-95 minutes

Accidental Tech

  • Genre: Tech Trends, Computer Programming, Software Development

The hosts Marco Arment, John Siracusa and Casey Liss, were about to churn out a podcast on cars but they finally ended up with producing Accidental Tech. Hence, such an unusual name of what is dubbed to be one of most enlightening tech podcasts on Spotify. Aimed at the budding developers, Accidental Tech pulls topics like computer programming, tech trends, and software development off in an effortless manner. With a new podcast every week, Accidental Tech’s sheer command over Apple products, serves as the cherry on the top.

  • Running time of each episode: 120-155 minutes

Code Story

  • Genre: Insights from the Tech-pioneers 

Code Story decodes the most fascinating anecdotes and life-lessons from the journey of the veteran warhorses, who have made a name for themselves in the tech-world. This highly-rated show is clubbed with the handful of bingeworthy tech podcasts available on Spotify and provides you with expert guidance on how to start from scratch and build a fully-functional top-notch product. You can tune in to a fresh episode of Code Story with the arrival of every week.

  • Running time of each episode: 20-30 minutes
Bingeworthy Tech Podcasts

The young folks are absolutely glued to these bingeworthy tech podcasts on Spotify.


  • Genre: Tech-trends

Thoughtworks keeps you posted about anything and everything – whichever stuff tops the trending charts. You can always remain updated by knowing the intricate details of the trendy topics thanks to this brilliant show, which is graced by the luminous presence of a panel of senior technologists. It’s indeed one of the bingeworthy tech podcasts available on the leading audio streaming platform. But you have to wait for two weeks, in order to get a new episode.

  • Running time of each episode: 30-50 minutes


  • Genre: Rapid-fire on Modern Tech

Out of the all the bingeworthy tech podcasts listed here, Clockwise is a bit different in terms of the presentation. Hosted like a round-table discussion, it unfolds rapid-fire talks on different aspects of modern technology. Every single episode of Clockwise, has a runtime of less than 30 minutes. Therefore, it often finds more takers. Regarded as one of the top Spotify podcasts on tech, Clockwise unravels an action-packed episode every week.

  • Running time of each episode: 25-30 minutes

Reply All

  • Genre: Pop-culture, Tech, Human Interests 

One of the most popular tech podcasts on Spotify, Reply All had a dream run so far, garnering heaps of praise from tech-geeks right since its inception in 2014. Hosted jointly by Alex Goldman and Emmanuel Dzotsi, Reply All happens to be a rare amalgamation of popular culture, tech and human interests. With the passage of every two weeks, there’s a new episode.

  • Running time of each episode: 35-60 minutes

All of these tech-talks are some of the best podcasts on Spotify in general. You can tune in to give the techie within you a delightful treat. Simply download Spotify and get started with these bingeworthy tech podcasts.