The advent of technology might have made life easier for everyone, but it has led to a more sedentary lifestyle too.

I tracked my cellphone usage for two days, and it was three hours on average. I could and should have spent those three hours exercising rather than watching videos of people doing the same.

Remember, the smartphone is not only for scrolling through social media, texting or making calls. It is also an excellent tool to help you reach your fitness goals, if so inclined. It can help you track and manage your exercise and nutrition targets through fitness apps. Some excellent apps guide you through proper exercises and keep you motivated through accountability.

Here is a list of fitness apps that will help you start your exercise and fitness journey.

Sworkit ( for beginners)

It is a personal trainer app to reach your goal of a fitter body. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, flexibility, increase endurance or simply tone your body—it has exercises and guidance for all.

It is easy and provides you with a regime to suit your lifestyle. You can choose a one-minute or a 90-minute workout, according to your convenience. There is strength training, stretching, cardio, yoga, and more. They have 400 unique workouts and 800 exercises. Personalized workouts according to your exercise goals are provided, and you can create and save your customized workout.

Fitness and Health Apps

SWorkit is your personal guider and fitness trainer. 

You can punch in the amount of time you have to work out, and Sworkit automatically creates a workout for you.

If you want, personalized guidance is provided by a fitness trainer.

Pricing: Free to download and use; costs about $10 per month for a premium subscription.

Platforms: iOS and Android.


Taking care of your mental health is essential for achieving optimal physical health. Headspace teaches meditation and mindfulness for any mood, mind or goal.

If you are stressed, suffer from insomnia, anxiety, Headspace has an answer. From soothing music and sounds, familiar folk music, mood-boosting yoga, workouts and more is provided. There are guided meditations, expert instructions, and varied programs available for all ages, levels, and needs.

Fitness and Health Apps

Headspace gives access to manage depression, anxiety, and more. 

They have a Basics package to learn meditation. After that, you can pursue other packs to help you manage depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and even some food, cooking, and weight loss guidance.

Pricing: Free to download; costs about $13 per month.

Platforms: iOS and Android.


MyFitnessPal is a fully packaged fitness app that tracks diet, nutrition and exercise. The app uses gamification elements to motivate users. It tracks nutrients in your food items through barcodes or from their huge source library. MyFitnessPal gives you access to the biggest food database of over 14 million foods, including global cuisine and restaurant items—making it easy to log everything you eat!

Along with it, it has a strong community of engaged users of 200 million, which keeps you motivated and inspired. They help you make smarter choices every day.

The app is the number one app for nutrition and health.

Fitness and Health Apps

MyFitnessPal gives access to 50+ apps with guides and experts. 

Its various features include:

■ Log Meals & Activity – Innovative tools make food & workout logging quick and easy.

■ Set Goals – Customize your personal weight, nutrition & fitness goals.

■ Track Your Progress – See today’s progress at a glance, or analyze your nutrition & calories in detail.

■ Learn From Experts – Hit your goals faster with daily coaching from Meal & Workout Plans.

■ Stay Inspired – 250+ healthy recipes and 150+ workouts keep routines fresh and fun.

■ Connect With Community – Find friends, motivation, support & tips in our active forums.

You can track calories by meal or day, set up macro goals, and view your net stats according to carbs, fat, and proteins.

It allows you to integrate with 50+ apps. There are guides and experts to motivate you to eat healthier with 28- day plan.

Pricing: Free to download and use; subscription costs about $10 per month.

Platforms: iOS and Android.