We are living in a time when everything takes place through the virtual world! Our work and activities are mostly conducted in the cyberspace network with phones, and PC’s being our constants. We strive for productivity through these mediums and always look to get things and tasks done quickly and effortlessly. To attain this goal, technology has bestowed us operating systems like Windows, which has advanced features that makes work seem smooth and more accessible.

The latest version of Windows, the Windows 10 is one of the advanced operating systems and has an efficient support system for universal apps. There is also the virtual desktop system, an excellent window and desktop management feature named ‘Task View’ as well as support for both fingerprint and face recognition login. However, to increase productivity further, several applications and tools can be used on Windows 10.

Windows 10 Productivity Apps

top productivity apps

Windows 10 Productivity Apps

These wide ranges of productivity apps for Windows 10 boost the performance of the device, improve the experience and would get tasks done in the least required time.

It is important to note that these productivity apps for Windows are not mentioned in any order and are randomly placed to a certain number.

Dropbox Productivity App

This app is a popular file hosting service. It works as a cloud storage solution which can also be made into a modern workspace. It facilitates staying connected to your group of workers and accessing all files securely in one place. The software, Dropbox, uses a grid to view your pictures or videos or a list to deal with documents. The app has a variety of options whether you wish to share huge files with your team or if you have to free some space for your device. Another perk to this app is that signing up with it for the first time also gets you free storage of 2GB.

Microsoft To-Do Productivity App

Microsoft To-Do is a great app for planning, making lists and collaborating. It improves your productivity and helps you keep your stress level at bay. With a personalizing My Day view, it offers a focused daily planner with smart features like recommending the most important task to be completed first. It also boasts of other great features like creating to-do lists, setting tasks and reminders, etc.

Affinity Photo Productivity App

Affinity Photo is an excellent app if you want a lean, capable photo editing app that is also affordable. The app is introduced with a focus on creative professionals and therefore, it includes a ton of practical features like support for unlimited layers, full 16- and 32-bit per channel editing, support for different colour spaces, etc. The interface is similar to Photoshop, and creators are adding new functionality regularly. Affinity Photo is a tool that will allow you to create innovative and stunning masterpieces with any photo.

OneNote Productivity App

This note-taking app works like a real binder or notebook which can be used to store valuable information such as potential networking opportunities, sales leads and meet-ups with friends. It functions as a digital notebook, though it supports more than just typing on the keyboard. It also includes features that allow you to draw things, save materials that you find online, place text, tables, and images anywhere on the page flexibly and search, tag, and many other smart digital built-in features. It further provides convenient functionality that permits dragging and dropping an audio file into the app to work with the recorded material and also make notes about important points mentioned in it. All the lists, ideas and other essential data will be available whenever you need it.

Toggl Productivity App

This is a simple and uncomplicated time tracker app which has a robust reporting feature. It is a productive app with timely reminders which gives a detailed report of how much time you take to complete every task. It aids you further in using your time wisely according to the priority of each task. It is a great tool to identify your strengths and weaknesses and make sure that you are charging enough according to the time you invest in a task.

Ditto Clipboard Productivity App

It is a convenient easy-to-use clipboard manager, that can act as an extension for the built-in Windows clipboard. It allows you to copy not just the last thing you added to the clipboard but multiple items including images and HTML that were copied over time. You can also access these items later, customize hotkeys, search, etc.

Albeit there are multiple and novel productive apps available, these are our top picks that stood out. Be sure to check any of these that might work for you.

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