Your android wear would be less efficient if it doesn’t have some of the applications that should support flexibility in your lifestyle. Yes! Without having your phone nearby – most of the top Android wear apps are standalone and function with no limitations.

Our additions to social media platforms and internet should have been reduced by the use of Android wears, but the device is doing just a little to gain this credit – almost all social media activities can be performed through Android Wears. The major constraint is the screen size. Otherwise, it’s a full extension of our Smartphone devices, if not their replacement.

Wear OS Apps for Google Smartwatch

With the available apps, users will rely on their personal policies to preclude potential additions to some Smartphone apps. And as Android Wear user, your top android wear apps should coincide with your regular needs while assisting your productivity and lifestyle.

Here is a list of the best Android wear apps 2018.

Android Pay – Android Wear App

As a device promoting flexibility, installing Android Pay means you can make payments without any contact, though this service is only available in Android Wears with NFC (check) feature. All that is required after installing the app is to add your bank card, and then you can enjoy all the convenient and contactless pay. Remember you don’t need your wallet or phone to make payments with Android Pay on your wrist.

Android Pay top wear apps

Image: Android Pay

Uber – Android Wear App

With Uber on your Android wear 2.0 smartwatch, you can book an Uber directly without having your phone around – operates as standalone. You also do not need your phone to check the driver’s progress or the estimated time for your journey; all is on your wrist. Uber Android wear app is surely a lifeline to exploit in case you are stranded somewhere far from home with no phone available.

Uber android wear apps top

Image: Uber app

Tinder – Android Wear App

Your next date tonight is not far from a swipe on your wrist if you have the Tinder Android wear app. The application is packed with all the features on the main app. You can see notifications on your next match, read and respond to messages, explore potential dates in your area, and more, all on your wristwatch. For more flexibility, Tinder Android wear can be accessed by just issuing a voice command.

Tinder top android wear apps

Image: Tinder app

Google Slides – Android Wear App

The new Google slides app allows you to use your Android Wear smartwatch as a presentation remote and for timekeeping. Before controlling slides remotely with your smartwatch, you first need to cast the slides to a display that’s enabled with Chromecast or present them in a video call. Google Slides provides you with the opportunity to see and control your slides while facing your audience during presentations.

Google Slides top android wear apps

Image: Google Slides

Google Fit – Android Wear App

Google Fit usually come pre-installed on most Android Wear smartwatches. It’s an app that helps you track your health effectively; cycling, running, walking, etc. The application also allows users to synchronize data from the Fit app to their phone seamlessly.

Google Fit top android wear apps

Image: Google Fit

Strava – Android Wear App

Strava is also a health tracking app serving as an alternative to Google Fit. The standalone version of Strava is available on Android wear 2.0; this allows you to leave your phone at home while recording all your sports activities such as running, cycling, and others.

Strava android wear apps

Image: Strava

Telegram – Android Wear App

This app is essential when you don’t need your phone to respond to text or voice messages, create group chats, and to browse chat history on Telegram. The Android wear 2.0 version supports emojis, theme, and stickers for full pack experience of the messaging app.

Telegram android wear apps

Image: Telegram

Shazam – Android Wear App

Everyone desires to pull a song’s lyrics at some point when our phones are far away. We may also want to identify a song as quickly as possible. With Shazam on your Android Wear, you don’t need to hassle for your phone. Just call up Shazam on your wrist and the job is done easily and very quick. This app is a top Android wear app in 2018 for every music lover.

Shazam top android wear apps

Image: Shazam

Lifesum – Android Wear App

The Lifesum app is also a good health app, but serves as a guide to help you regulate and to balance your diet. Though it’s more useful for those on a diet, Lifesum also helps you track your water and food intake daily. It can also provide exercise tips, set personal health goals and to guide you develop a health plan.

Lifesum top android wear apps

Image: Lifesum

PixtoCam for Android Wear

If you have been wondering how to use your smartwatch as a remote to your Smartphone camera, PixtoCam is the Android wear app you have been looking for. It offers easy remote control to take pictures, record videos, control the zoom while also allowing you to toggle between the front and back camera of your Smartphone. In addition, PixtoCam enables you to view existing videos and photos right on your wrist.

PixtoCam top android wear apps

Image: PixtoCam

BeSoccer – Android Wear App

You don’t need to be checking scores regularly to know how your favorite matches are going. BeSoccer gives you live update on Premier League, World Cup games, European leagues and other competitions of your choice. All you need is to select the leagues, competitions, teams or matches of your interest and the live update will be delivered to your right on your wrist. Information from BeSoccer includes match statistics, cards, goals, fixtures and club news.

BeSoccer top android wear apps

Image: BeSoccer

WhatsApp – Android Wear App

As one of the most popular Android apps, WhatsApp Android Wear is available for instant voice and text messaging. Also, the app’s features are improved on Android Wear 2.0.

WhatsApp top android wear apps

Image: WhatsApp

Eat24 – Android Wear App

Eat24 is an app that provides easy access to food; it offers a list of local restaurants supporting pickup or delivery at your doorstep. You can place the order quickly while working without having to check on your phone if you have Eat24 on your wrist. The application will also get information about your order delivery and more with just a glance on your wrist. What an easy life!

Eat24 top android wear apps

Image: Eat24

Citymapper – Android Wear App

If Citymapper is available in your city, then this app is a must-have. It’s far better than Google Maps – provides reliable information on live train and bus times.  Citymapper also provides special alerts like when to get off the bus, when to change trains and more! As a real transit navigator, it is very handy when you need direction guide without staring at your phone and provides information on other transportation medium.

Citymapper top android wear apps

Image: Citymapper