There are apps for everything! Even for bloggers! A blogger is full of ideas, and need to pen down their thoughts and words into a document. Be it for staying updated or having an app to write from anywhere, and at any time, there are applications specifically for bloggers. These apps help them to stay updated about the information, track their social media ranking and their blogs. These apps for bloggers also help creative individuals manage their time better and get more work done!

Buffer App

The Buffer app is useful to schedule or re-schedule social posts. Buffer app is convenient to manage the social platforms of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. One of the best and time-saving features of this app is that the blogger can easily add images from the URL to the post.

WordPress App

The app for bloggers gives the same facilities as the desktop version, and a blogger can do almost all the things. Be it drafting a new post on the blog, reviewing comments and tracking stats of the posts.

Evernote App 

With Evernote, a blogger can efficiently organize both personal and professional projects. They can take notes, create to-do lists, and also save things a blogger finds on the Internet. This App also effectively syncs everything between the phone, tablet, and computer simultaneously.

Aweber App

With the Aweber app, the blogger can check the results of the auto-responder sequences and broadcasts on the move. They can also evaluate the number of subscribers and unsubscribes they received on the posts. The Aweber app is excellent for checking statistics.

Google Analytics App

When it comes to checking analytics data of posts from a mobile device, Google Analytics comes to the forefront! With this app, one can also monitor real-time changes, get detailed reports as well as share them.

Pinterest App 

Pinterest is an excellent app for deriving ideas from across the world. Bloggers can discover, search as well as save content from the Internet efficiently with this app. Use it for inspiration or practical ideas; this app is useful for saving articles which the blogger might wish to refer to and check later.

Google Keep

Talk about managing lists and organizing, Google Keep is the perfect app! It allows bloggers to add and store notes, photos as well as audio. They can also organize everything perfectly and save them into easily-accessible labels in various colors. Additionally, bloggers can also set reminders for a particular action or record voice memos on the app.

HubSpot Sales App

 this app was earlier called Sidekick and allowed bloggers to create a library of personalized email templates and sales content. With efficient metrics, one can see which email template is more popular and also get the analytics data for the same. The HubSpot Sales App also offers high Social Media Integration.

Podcast Addict app 

Listening to a podcast is a great way of acquiring more knowledge and staying up-to-date. This app is an efficient tool for managing all the podcast subscriptions. Bloggers can download episodes and create good playlists on the app.

Instapaper App

 With this app, you can save interesting articles, videos, content, song lyrics, or anything else that you want to refer to later. With one click, the app lets bloggers save, read as well as manage the things one finds on the Internet. You can also effectively post to social platforms like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinboard, Evernote, among others, with the accounts used on Instapaper. The app also saves posts that are created offline and will automatically be posted the next time the blogger gets online. One of the best features of this app is that users can ‘copy’ a quote or any part of a post in text form in say as a Twitter Post, and Instapaper will automatically create a tweet that will be posted through the Twitter App.

The Cloze App

The Cloze automatically keeps track of the emails, phone calls, meetings, documents, Evernote, as well as social media platforms of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This is an organizing app, and bloggers can also set reminders about their activities.

Wunderlist App

Wunderlist is one of the most straightforward task manager applications that quickly get tasks done. Whether it’s about sharing notes with associates, working on a project, or sharing the project, Wunderlist makes it easy to do. The app syncs between devices of phone, tablet, and computer.


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