Tech Headline Makers

Top Five Tech Headline Makers

2015 has surely been a great year for a few tech executives of Silicon Valley. While many rose to heaps of fame through their outstanding performance, few faced a down-hill fall. Despite this, our favorite CEOs made sure to grab eyeballs of millions across the world by constantly remaining as ‘talk-of-the-town’ and became Tech Headline Makers of 2015. From Jack Dorsey sharing the third part of his shares to employee equity pool, to Sundar Pichai as the new CEO of Google, to Mark Zuckerberg taking philanthropy at a bold new level by pledging to donate his Facebook shares worth $45 billion USD, to Satya Nadella re-entering the battlefield with Windows 10, to dynamic CEO like Elon Musk creating a history with successful Falcon 9 launch and landing.

Technowize brings to you the top five tech headline makers of 2015.


sundar pichai

This man has surely ruled the headline columns of the year 2015. Bringing the entire system of conglomerate into the Google empire, Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin established the parent company Alphabet leaving the reigns of Google in the hands of their worthy long time employee Sundar Pichai. In an initiative to come up with a clearer and accountable organization, Page and Sergey came to this conclusion. The decision was widely celebrated and tech CEOs like Tim Cook, Satya Nadella, etc expressed their happiness by congratulating the new CEO Sundar Pichai. Pichai has led many successful operations at Google in the past for example leading the Gmail, Google Chrome, and the Android team. For all, we know the results have been remarkable. Pichai has already showed his power and leadership as Google shares are back on the Sky-High rates and the Google products coming out under his reign are doing a great business.


satya nadella

The CEO of software behemoth made a grand coming with company’s most anticipated project line-up. The year 2015 marked the debut of a brand new Windows 10 operating system accompanied by the fastest browser in the world, Microsoft Edge. Satya Nadella showed a ray of hope to the company after a long time as over 75 million users enrolled for Windows 10 in less than a month. After the doom of Windows 8, good news like this was far from being anticipated. Not only had this but Microsoft made a grand re-entry with its other line of products as well. From Surface Pro Series, to HoloLens, to Keynote, to Lumia, and the Microsoft Band, every product made headlines this year.


Elon Musk

Arriving towards the end of the year, SpaceX’s remarkable achievement undoubtedly carved its way in our list of tech headline makers of 2015. Under the remarkable leadership of Elon Musk, the team SpaceX successfully launched Falcon 9. For the first time, the company was able to gently and effectively roar and shoot Falcon 9 to space. The powerful launch, landing on the first-stage, and the entire satellite deployments proceeded without a hindrance. This moment arrived as a welcome success for Elon Musk’s SpaceX after facing a disheartening failure in the previous attempt. The successful team spirit and leadership led to mission’s praiseworthy success. After going through a lengthy investigation of past failed attempt, the team took the required actions leaving no defective struts.  The successful launch is a huge step in the direction of reusable rockets.



Zuckerberg stunned everyone by surprising with his philanthropic ideas celebrating the birth of his child Max Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg pledged to fund his charity with a plan to donate his 99% Facebook share worth $45 billion. These revenues will be channeled through their initiative known as ‘Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative” led by Zuckerberg and his wife. Apart from this Zuckerberg’s, TechPrep, Satellites for free Internet in Africa, Accelerated pages, 2 months paternity leave, and hike in minimum wages amongst many other things remain in the major highlights of 2015.


Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO made the headlines with his unexpected comeback during the time Twitter was on its verge of downfall. The soft-spoken, bearded co-founder of Twitter was pushed out of his position seven years ago and was brought back this year after naming him as the permanent CEO of Twitter. He became a hot potato when he announced about distributing 1% of his Twitter shares, which is a third part to the employee equity pool. This huge move taken as a step towards the corporate sustainability worth $197 million immediately became the talk of the world. This step of Dorsey towards Twitter’s employee benefit was widely praised by everyone including many top corporate personalities.

This was our list of tech headline makers of 2015. What do you think?