iWatch apps 2018 are all developed to include the most recent iWatch features aimed at enhancing communication, hassle-free commute, health/fitness tracking, and a host of other Apple watch features. This is because the recent iOS Watches such as Series 3, Hermes and Nike+ come with additional built-in sensors; each requiring the respective iWatch app to function effectively. However, older Apple Watches would still use most of the apps that do not require special hardware but without few advanced features.

Identifying the best iWatch app is personal – depending on your most frequently used feature on Apple watch. While our list of iWatch apps 2018 covers various functions, each represents our best iWatch app for the specified feature described.

Apple Heart Study

Apple Heart Study is a message that the use of Apple Watch is clearly not just for fun, business ordeals or to support your daily life, but also to ensure you live healthy. This iWatch app is designed to monitor your heart rhythms and to report when there is an anomaly, such as potentials of Atrial Fibrillation; a common cause of heart failure and blood clots that can lead to strokes. This app is very useful and has proven to be one of the best because most heart problems are often undetected since the symptoms are not very obvious. But with an app on your Apple Watch, your heart rhythm is effectively monitored.

iWatch apps 2018 Apple Heart Study

Image: Apple Heart Study app

Heart Study app is only available to iWatch users in the US. Those outside the US should use Cardiogram app as an alternative for the same function.


While Spark remains one of the best email apps for iPhone, its transition to iWatch’s small screen is not disappointing – it provides same great experience. Unlike other email apps, that jam pack other facilities together to make email management uneasy, Spark is just simple and focused on email to offer the best mail management experience on your wrist.

iWatch Apps 2018 Spark

Image: Spark app

Mail sorting features on Spark is excellent to help you see when you have emails waiting at a glance. Spark will sort the emails to give you an indication if it’s personal or a newsletter. You can read your email, reply delete, archive or snooze it. Spark also allows you to view emails that are archived, pinned, and sent seamlessly, with bold and colorful buttons in each categorized.


Every commuter would accept that taking public transportation is not very appealing; you have to spend some time waiting and every minute saved is like an hour saved. But Transit iWatch app is a big relieve to the situation. It’s a simple app that can help you save time while traveling which is fully available in the US and about 50 non-US cities such as Paris and London. Transit provides real-time information on departures for different routes. It also has a Take Me Home button which provides the easiest and quickest way to get home. Transit show details of different stations, directions, number of services and the next three departures using a very simple map.

iWatch apps 2018 Transit

Image: Transit app


It’s clear that note-taking apps are plenty at Apple Store but OneNote is evidently an exception. It’s a job well-done by Microsoft to deliver a platform you can sync with the two windows comfortably for free. OneNote is a cross-platform iWatch app you can access both with Windows PC and Mac devices.

iWatch apps 2018 OneNote

Image: OneNote app

Any information you would refer back to such as shopping list, random ideas or to-do lists can be entered and accessed easily using OneNote – the app is simple. Tap a notebook to see your previous contents, tap the cross icon for a new note.


The importance of exercise daily is demonstrated by the release of Misfit (formally known as Misfit Minute) into Apple Store. It’s an activity tracking app which connects to health monitors and third-party devices such as Speedo and Swarovski to provide 1 to 7 minutes workout time for cardio and strength training. The tracking requires your Apple Watch sensors; hence devices without the sensors would not function properly with Misfit.

iWatch apps 2018 Misfit

Image: Misfit app

You can also use Misfit to track your sleep durations, calories, heart rate and your food intake. It can also be set to provide information on your sleep trends daily, weekly or monthly.

V for Wikipedia

V for Wikipedia is a rich information source right on your Apple Watch.  While providing information, V for Wikipedia lets you adjust different gorgeous interface which has soft colors and various serif typefaces to ensure you’re comfortable when reading. The app has an additional feature of providing interesting points around you while also having a Smart Layout for the articles to optimize both the content and images for the best experience. More features of the app also include a voice search, 3D touch and bookmark to provide quick access to your digital information. It’s an iWatch app that has won several awards which includes best iWatch app on Apple Store in 2016 and the Gold German Design Award.

iWatch apps 2018 V for Wikipedia

Image: V for Wikipedia