Top ranked Stargazing apps

Astronomy and Stargazing Apps

Everyone loves stargazing! What once used to be a pastime and backyard activity became trending and next-level activity with the new astronomy apps. Astronomy apps and stargazing apps let people experience the beauty of space like never before! How do these stargazing apps work? These stargazing apps have augmented-reality features, by which they can locate the user and pull up the star map accordingly.

Best Astronomy and Stargazing Apps

With the astronomy apps, a person needn’t go to the planetarium. They can learn about the hundreds and thousands of stars in the app itself. Some of the best astronomy/stargazing apps are:

SkyView Lite Stargazing App

This app allows people to point their device to the sky and automatically identify stars, constellations, and satellites. It provides endless information about the space and also notifies the user about any upcoming stargazing events.

Star Walk 2 Stargazing App

This app is extremely user friendly. The effortless design of the app allows people to explore stars, comets, and constellations by pointing the device to the sky.

Star Chart Stargazing App

The app provides a person with a view of the visible universe. It also disseminates information about distance, brightness, and object references, which you won’t get anywhere easily. One of the exciting features of this app is that when one points the device to the ground, they will get a glimpse of the sky on the other side of the world.

Night Sky Lite Stargazing App

This app allows a person to identify stars, constellations, satellites, and planets as well as give information about the weather conditions for the night. The Night Sky app also has a community that provides suggestions for the best stargazing locations worldwide!

Sky Safari Stargazing App

This app has all the basics required for the perfect stargazing experience. It lets the person point their device to the sky and even has features like voice control. With the voice control feature, users can easily search for items or select them to view closer.

NASA Astronomy app

The prestigious NASA app gives in-depth information from NASA to the users. The app has features and provides the latest images, videos, news, and mission information from NASA to the users. A person can also look back down at the Earth from the International Space Station through this app.

Solar Walk Astronomy app

This app is designed especially for kids, as it uses a 3D space model to give information and displays video clips that explain different celestial concepts.

Sky Map Astronomy app

This app started as a Google project and became an open-source. To get information, the user needs to point towards the sky.

Star & Planet Finder Astronomy app

This is like a dictionary/encyclopedia of astronomy. The user will have to tell the app what information it wants and what the person wants to see, and it’ll let them know where to look.

ISS Detector Satellite Tracker

This app is mainly for tracking the International Space Station. The app will notify and alarm when the International Space Station or the Chinese space station Tiangong 2 is close and in view. One can then have a look at it with the naked eye.

Pocket Universe Astronomy app

This app has a catalog of 80,000 stars, in addition to a guide that can show the person what is in the night sky above them.

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

This app gives the most realistic possible view of the skies, showing the scenery above just like a person would see them with the naked eye.

Redshift Sky Pro Astronomy app

This app has a library of 100,000 stars, 10,000 deep-sky objects, and thousands of other celestial objects. A user can also land on other planets to see the sky on that planet looks like from there.