Everyone wants to invest; investment is a treasure for the future. Check out the best investment apps the New Year 2020 have to present to the world! 

Investment, until recently, required a person to spend long hours with a financial advisor and listening to the pro and cons and the tiresome details of getting into an investment and so forth! Add to that, the wait for the quarterly report! However, this tedious process has diminished.

Best Investment Apps of 2020

With the new investment apps, investing requires just a few taps and clicks. These top-ranked investment apps are efficient in providing people with a customized portfolio or allow them to trade their stocks, check the investment performances, and also to transfer money without facing the hassles of a financial advisor. Some of the best investment apps of 2020 are:

Round Investment App

This website uses an automated questionnaire to get detailed information about the portfolio of the investor. The site syncs with fund managers like Guggenheim Partners, Doubleline, and Gabelli to offer the investors easy access to institution-grade investment deals. The site has a backend of efficient managers who plan out assets, strategies, asset-backed securities, real estate, and merger arbitrage deals for the investors.

Round Investment Apps 2020

Robinhood Investment App

For investors who want to pay the minimum fees, this is the perfect app. There are no hidden commissions or account investments in Robinhood, and it eliminates all costs associated with investing applications. However, the only drawback is that the sites don’t offer any retirement accounts or managed portfolios. This means the investments conducted through Robinhood are taxable and self-managed.

Robinhood Best Investment Apps

Acorns Investment App

This app provides free management training for college students in addition to a “spare change” savings tool. This tool manages the purchases that users make at retailers. The difference earned between the due balance and the next dollar is transferred and invested in the Acorns account.

Acorns best investment apps

E*Trade Investment App

This is a perfect app for DIY investors who can purchase and invest in several assets, be it stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, futures, or from the variety of options available. The app also provides interactive charts and expert studies for the users, and they can also learn about earnings, dividends, company news, as well as various metrics of investment.

ETrade Investment Apps

Top Ranked Investment Apps of 2020


Stash Investment App

This is also an efficient app for investment beginners. In this app, for a $3 monthly fee, the users get access to brokerage, bank as well as retirement accounts. For $9 monthly fee, they additionally will receive two custodial accounts, in-depth investment research monthly, a more robust rewards structure as well as an upgraded debit card.

Stash best investment application

TD Ameritrade Investment App

This app doesn’t require any minimum investment. However, it does charge a $6.95 amount per trade, which comes as expensive for many. Even then, the features and facilities that TD Ameritrade offers are second to none. The asset options, as well as customer support, are first-class. Traders can also select between stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, futures, foreign currencies, ADRs, and many more. The customer support service of the app starts 24/7 through phone, text, or instant messaging support.

TD Ameritrade

Stockpile Investment App

Stockpile allows its users to purchase blue-chip stocks as well as ETFs via gift cards. This is a perfect app for parents who want to teach ad guide their children about investing. This app is, however, expensive at $0.99 for a standard trade, gift cards at $2.99 for the first stock for $0.99 the recurring shares.

Stockpile App

Wealthfront Investment App

Through this app, the users can invest in passive portfolios at a management fee of 0.25%. Wealthfront requires the user to maintain a $500 account minimum. The app is one of the popular among Robo-advisor apps. Wealthfront doesn’t deal in fractional shares, and it is not a place for serious investors.

Wealthfront investment apps

Investing apps are a good advancement of technology and a precious gift for individual investors by the tech world. Investors can learn, finance as well as research market metrics and graphs from these efficient investment apps of 2020.