Insomnia is frustrating; not being able to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body and the mind, and less sleep means cranky moods and an unproductive day. Insomnia is caused by many factors- medical condition, devices, longer afternoon nap and many more.

Top Sleep Apps for Insomnia 

However, with many different apps trending in the online market, there are also apps directed to helping people with insomnia. These sleep apps help to administer CBT-I or cognitive behavioral therapy which helps to prevent insomnia gradually. Sleep apps are helpful for many reasons- they help in tracking sleep patterns and also assists a person to relax and calm the mind to sleep faster. The sleep apps are designed to initiate a person to take better rest. The market is filled with uncountable sleep and insomnia apps, we help you to choose the best by bringing to you in the list.


The Sleepio app offers the Sleepio course, which with the help of an evidence-based program to helps to tackle insomnia. The program is designed in a way to help users fall asleep faster and achieve deep sleep more with fewer interruptions during their sleep cycles.

Relax Melodies

The Relax Melodies app helps to curb insomnia with more than 100 relaxation sounds, binaural beats, white noise as well as soothing melodies. The free app also has a sleep-enhancing guided meditations for better rest and sleep.

Nature Sounds Relax & Sleep

With sounds of nature and environment soundscapes, Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep App helps users to fall asleep. The app also allows people to wind down, relax, and achieve better deep sleep. Nature Sounds Relax & Sleep app is free with in-app purchase options and is available only for Android.

Sleep Genius

The Sleep Genius app was developed through research and is specifically meant to help NASA astronauts fall asleep. According to Healthline, the Sleep Genius app was designed to use sounds and noises that guides the brain through a complete sleep cycle so that the user falls asleep faster and better. With regular use of the app, the user will also be able to wake up at the body’s optimal time. The Sleep Genius app features uninterrupted sleep, relaxation, and optimal power nap programs for users.


The Prizz app helps to cure insomnia with the use of delightful sound sequences that help optimize sleep. The sleep app is free to download for iOS or Android, and also offers in-app purchase options.


This is a guided meditation app which with the help of progressive relaxation, soothing sounds, and atmospheric music helps the users to fall asleep. With the help of the focus area in-app, users with insomnia can select sessions that help them to sleep, and also with these sessions target sleep issues day after day for better results.

Sleep Time

With the Sleep Time app and sleep analysis features, the user can track sleep cycles and use gentle soundscapes to fall asleep. There is also a sleep phase alarm clock in the app, which wakes up the users feeling refreshed after their adequate hours of sleep. The user will also receive a detailed analysis of every sleep session with the sleep analysis feature.

Sleep By Headspace

The Sleep by Headspace app is designed to promote a “soothing bedtime experience” with sleep sounds and guided meditations. New Headspace content in the app, called ‘sleep casts’, uses music as well as visualizations to create optimal conditions for deep and restful sleep for a person.

Sleep Cycle

This app monitors the sleep patterns and gives a detailed statistic report with daily sleep graphs so that the user gets a better understanding of their sleep cycle and know what disrupts their sleep. There is also an intelligent alarm clock which wakes up users when they are in the lightest sleep phase.

Deep Sleep and Relax Hypnosis

With the app, one use the advanced features like advanced hypnosis techniques, calming sound effects, music, as well as beautiful visuals- these are designed to create a comfortable sleep experience. The deep sleep and relaxation sessions help the people to get the rest they need.

Slumber: Fall Asleep, Insomnia

The app has a collection of sleep-inducing stories and meditations that are designed to help people beat insomnia and fall asleep faster. The slumber episodes in the app put people into a state of deep calm, making it easy to drift off to sleep.